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Team Liquid claim top spot in FNCS Squads Week 2

72HRS tom FNNCS Week 2 Squads Team Liquid

The core of Team Liquid’s Fortnite roster – Thomas “72HRS” Mulligan, Ryan “Chap” Chaplo, Noah “Vivid” Wright alongside Chris “CizLucky” Perez proved their doubters wrong by dominating FNCS Squads Week 2. They won three out of six games and topped the NA East leaderboard, thereby qualifying for the regional finals.

Many had written off the Team Liquid roster as being past their best, and with an average age of 23, simply too old in a game seemingly ruled by younger, more technically proficient players such as Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf (16) Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson (15) and Benjy “Benjyfishy” David Fish (15).

However, with the changes in Fortnite Chapter 2 such as the reduction in rotational items, like rifts-to-go and launchpads, players with greater game sense and experience are back in vogue.

In was in this new meta that Team Liquid was able to do what they do best – rotate early between the zones while keeping advantageous positions, communicate effectively as a team and slay out in endgame. Not many people thought the day would ever come but Team Liquid are back – and they look as good as any squad in the game.

Of course, the action wasn’t just in NA East – In Europe the Swedish squad of RBK Ritz, TSM Crue, LG beehive and chapix 74 dominated proceedings finishing on double the points of 2nd place with 132. They only won the one game but were demolishing lobbies averaging 15K/D.

Also in EU, FaZe Mongraal, LZR Wolfiez, NRG Benjyfishy, and LeStream Nayte finished in 3rd place securing their qualification for the regional finals. They will be relieved after missing out on the Sunday finals last week due to a disconnect heading into the last game.

There are two more weekends of qualifiers, with the top-performing squads from each week qualifying for the Regional Finals to be held on the 6th-8th of December. For a full breakdown of the rules, formats, and schedule click here.

Team Liquid FNCS Squads Week 2 – Top Plays

Team Liquid made everyone sit up and take notice in Week 2, here are some of the highlights – feel the hype!

The joy on 72HRS face on getting the first win of the night is esports personified –

Vivid showed the world he could still clutch up with this Tac shotgun play to win game 3 –

CizLucky let everyone see his value to the squad and just how OP the floppers are in this end-game from their 3rd win –

Week 2 – NA East Results

Leaderboards are courtesy of Fortnite Tracker.

Team Liquid top FNCS Squads WEek 2 Tom 72HRS Vivid Poach Chap NA EAST

Week 2 – NA West Results

FNCS Squads Week 2 NA West Results

Week 2 – Europe Results

FNCS Squads Europe Results Week 2 Benjyfishy Mongraal FaZe

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