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How to rotate in competitive Fortnite

Comp Fortnite

When it comes to competitive Fortnite, there are key skills you need to succeed; control of the weapons, great building, and material management. But perhaps most importantly, there’s one often under-appreciated skill you need to master: how to rotate in competitive Fortnite.

The current Chapter 2 meta lacks rotational items. Knowing how and when to rotate naturally, whatever stage the game is in and wherever you are situated on the map, is vital to securing consistent success. 

Now take note, this isn’t a guide for how to rack up kills. This is how to rotate in competitive Fortnite, which is to say – how to consistently reach the endgame with good loot and mats. Because surviving to endgame and securing consistent placement points is the key to success in Arena game mode, Cash Cups or any other tournament setting in Fortnite. 

Though having said that, if you consistently survive into the endgame you will definitely see more eliminations!

1) Pick a landing spot

How to rotate in Fortnite

Not many people would consider this part of rotating – but because it decides where you will start on the map and the likely direction you will be travelling, it has to be considered. 

Since the removal of many of the mobility items, the storm has been coded to move generally into the centre of the map. However, this is random, and if you’ve chosen a spot on the edge of the map, you could find yourself with a long journey ahead.

Chapter 2 has only boats and the various rivers and streams to help you traverse the map. Depending on the current you can swim down these rivers much quicker than you can run, but you need to have an awareness of the flow of the river. 

Remember when picking a landing spot there are three things to consider. How much loot is there? How far away from the centre of the map is it? And what direction did the bus travel? (This can help determine where people will of landed)

Here is a map posted initially by Reddit user u/Efelo75, we have edited it to include the location of the boat spawns marked by a white circle.

How To Rotate In Competitve Fortnite

As you can see there are more travel options on the right side of the map. If you fail to secure a boat, there is an increased risk of having a bad 1st zone by landing at Slurpy Swap, Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands. 

A central landing zone will always give you the best chance of landing in the 1st zone. 

2. Move Early

When the 1st zone appears on the map and you are not in it the best thing you can do is to begin moving as soon as possible. The storm circle becomes a funnel for players, moving early even if it means passing by loot, will give you the best chance of surviving.

Also important to note what section of the map has been vacated. The bigger the area the more players that will have moved out of there and into the new storm line. These are areas best avoided.

in the game above, the area below salty springs and frenzy farm will be a chokepoint heading into the first circle.

For a better understanding of this watch this video by YouTuber Bumpaah

3. Don’t engage unless you have to

In competitive Fortnite, engage any and all enemies you can see will spell disaster for you. Even if you win the engagement, the resources you use during the fight, like materials and healing items, will cost you further down the line.

That is not to say never take a fight on early game. A contested landing spot will usually need to be fought over, and if you are very confident you can down the enemy quickly it may be a good idea.

But if you are trying to get into zone consider weigh up the pros and cons of any fight. Getting into zone and getting some frags later may be the best option.

HINT: It’s not uncommon for players to make unofficial truces with opponents while travelling to zone, especially at the highest levels of the game. This is usually started by jumping up and down and swinging your pickaxe in the direction of the enemy. If the player does the same back to you, a truce is in play and you should be able to travel into zone safely.

4) Move early

We already said this, but it’s now doubly important. The storm will wait for no one. If you find yourself on the outer edges of the storm in the initial circles you should move to get into the new zone as soon as it appears on the map. 

Moving quickly gives you options. Players that move late will find themselves running similar paths in an attempt to get into the zone, this is when a lot of early/mid game engagements happen. Also, as more players get into the zone they will set up base and patrol the storm line – waiting for those that moved too late and making it hard for them to get to safety.

HINT: Safe zones 1 through 4 are “non-moving”: they will shrink to a storm circle with the centre somewhere inside the current safe zone.

5) Gain height

In later circles, gaining height either in a tower or using natural elevation found in the map will give you the greatest chance of success. It will give you the most information about other players movements, allow you to beam opponents from above and make it easier to move into the new circle.

6) Endgame

The end game is chaotic and really what separates the good from the very good. There are two or three things you can do to rotate and pick up kills successfully at this stage. 

Again move early. Safe zones 5 and later are “moving” in competitive game modes – they can shrink to a storm circle with a centre somewhere outside the current safe zone.

Safe zones 7, 8, and 9 have no wait time – when the storm reaches the circle for safe zones 7, 8, and 9, the storm immediately continues to the next location. Keeping one eye on the map and don’t stop moving.

Tunnelling is an important part of staying alive here – remember if you tunnel one way, and the storm heads back in that direction your best move is to use that tunnel again. 

Height or ultimate low ground will give you the best chance of moving unhindered. The layers below max height will be congested with players, try and avoid these.

Fortnite caster MonsterDface has a great video about late game rotations that will show you how players and Bugha successfully navigate these part of the game.

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Feature image courtesy of Epic Games.