FNCS Squads: Everything you need to know about the $5,000,000 tournament

Fortnite FNCS

The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) is back! After the release of Chapter 2 that gave Fortnite a brand new map and a myriad of gameplay changes, Epic has released all the information for FNCS Squads with four weeks of qualifiers before the regional finals with $5,000,000 to be won.

A warm-up event will be held on the 25th of October before the Series officially starts on the 1st of November. Each weekend will see a three-round Squad event – Round one on Fridays (Opens), Round two on Saturdays (Top 500 per region) and Round three on Sunday (Top 25 per region). Players must be Champions League certified via Arena to be eligible to play in Round one.

Round three will be played over six matches with the top 5 to 10 teams qualifying for the Season Finals. Teams will also accumulate Series Points based on each week’s final placements tracked on the Series Leaderboard. The top-performing teams from the leaderboard will fill out the remaining slots in the Season Finals.

The Season Finals will be held online for each region on the weekend of the 6th of December – with the biggest share of the $5,000,000 prize pool reserved for NA East and Europe.

For a full breakdown of FNCS Chapter 2 Season 1 click here.

Who are the best confirmed FNCS Squads?

Fortnite FNCS Squads

FNCS Chapter 2 Season 1 will be the first time competitive Fortnite tournament where the participants will be playing as teams of 4 or Squads. Previously tournaments had been played as Solos, Duos or Trios so the move to Squads has led to the creation of super teams. Interesting to note that Epic has said that players once qualified can not be traded to another Squad, though if not yet qualified, players can play with a different Squad each week.

Here are a few of the teams that you can count on being there at the end.

Sen Bugha, NRG Zayt, Liquid Stretch, Ghost Saf

Featuring World Cup Winner Sen Bugha alongside NRG Zayt, Liquid Stretch and Ghost Saf these guys are all winners and NA East has no other Squad this stacked.

FaZe Dubs, FaZe Megga, Rogue Eclipsae and Ghost Bizzle

The only team that can come near is the one featuring two of FaZe clans best players. Dubs and Megga made their name in the World Cup Qualifiers regularly finishing in 1st place as a Duo. Adding new face Rogue Eclipsae with the experience of Ghost Bizzle make this a devastating squad.

FaZe Mongraal, NRG Benjyfishy, E11 Stompy and COOLER Aqua

The undisputed No.1 European squad featuring a World Cup winner in Aqua, Fortnite Season X Grand Final Champion Stompy, and the undisputed talents of Mongraal and Benjyfishy. There is no doubt they’ll be in the Regional Finals in December.

FNCS Squads – Schedule / How To Watch

RoundMiddle EastOceaniaAsiaBrazilNA WestNA EastEurope
Open – Saturday4 – 7 PM UAE (Friday)12 – 3 PM AET2 – 5 PM JST2 – 5 PM BRT2 – 5 PM PST2 – 5 PM EST12 – 3 PM GMT
Semi-Final – Saturday8 – 11 PM UAE (Friday)4 – 7 PM AET6 – 9 PM JST6 – 9 PM BRT6 – 9 PM PST6 – 9 PM EST12 – 3 PM GMT (Sunday)
Finals – Sunday8 – 11 PM UAE (Saturday)3 – 6 PM AET5 – 8 PM JST5 – 8 PM BRT5 – 8 PM PST5 – 8 PM EST4 – 7 PM GMT

The FNCS isn’t broadcast live on an official stream so the best way to watch is via some of the players’ streams. Nickmercs has a viewing party for NA East where he will move between the various games if you want to follow one player for the duration of the tournament Bugha’s or Tfue’s is the place to be. For NA West check out controller player Aydan’s and in Europe, Mongraal and Benjyfishy is sure to be worth watching.

Format / Point System

Match limit: 6

Eliminations: +1 point


  • Victory Royale: +15 points
  • 2nd: +12 points
  • 3rd-4th: +9 points
  • 5th-6th: +6 points
  • 7th-8th: +3 points

FNCS Squads – Key Dates

FNCS Warm-Ups – October 25-27th

FNCS Squads Week 1 Qualifier – November 1st – 3rd
FNCS Squads Week 2 Qualifier – November 8th -10th
FNCS Squads Week 3 Qualifier – November 15th -17th
FNCS Squads Week 4 Qualifier – November 25th – 27th

FNCS Squads Regional Season Finals – December 6th – 8th

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Feature image courtesy of Epic Games.