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Kurt banned for life from FIFA esports – Official statement from EA and Kurt

FIFA 20 Kurt Fenech Banned

Outspoken FIFA pro player Kurt Fenech has been banned from all FIFA 20 Global Series competitions and any future events scheduled beyond this season. This comes after a series of videos he posted to YouTube where the pro would rant about the game and various personalities within it, the final straw being statements he made while streaming the game on Twitch. EA Sports decided that these were against the EA Sports Global Series Code of Conduct – with the statements in question deemed to constitute “consistent harassment targeting fellow competitors [and] EA employees.”

EA felt that these videos went “beyond smack talk” and after warning and punishing Kurt previously for similar offences – at one point handing down a temporary ban during the FIFA 19 Global Series – EA felt that had no option this time but to ban him from the sport entirely.

Kurt has long been a controversial figure in FIFA esports. He’s walked off stage mid-game, posted inflammatory videos and even had on-camera spats with broadcasters. Some championed his videos for exposing the amateurish nature of the FIFA esport scene, while others found his personality abrasive and unhelpful. What is clear is that EA had finally had enough. The ban has come just as Kurt had secured qualification for FUT Champions Cup 2, which is to be held later this month.

EA’s and Kurt official statement

Reactions from the FIFA scene

Fellow professionals have been quick to come out in support of Kurt with #FreeKurt trending on Twitter.

Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing couldn’t quite believe what he was seeing –

Red Bull athlete Ryan Pessoa expressed his support for #FreeKurt –

Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt kept it to the point –

The Videos That Got Kurt Fenech Banned

Below are videos that Kurt Fenech put out at when FIFA 20 was released – EA didn’t mention these videos directly but they definitely didn’t help his case.

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