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Flashpoint 1: Groups Preview

Flashpoint 1’s first-ever live group draw was as hype as expected. The League that styles itself upon professional wrestling was as dramatic as could be expected. The twelve teams were all drawn into three different groups, with each having their turn to verbally swing at the representative next to them. Then came the veto system, which shuffled the groups around. Once when the dust settled, the groups then formalised with the first two games of each playing this weekend.

Group A – In-Game Feeders

The teams mutually decided that since their in-game leaders had all made mistakes in their time, they would name their group about feeding. So, in this group, we have MAD Lions, Havu, Copenhagen Flames and c0ntact. This group will open with MAD and Havu playing each other, with Copenhagen and c0ntact playing in the second match. These matches will begin tomorrow at 5 PM GMT.

Group B – Snake and Ratters

The final group is all about Owen “Smooya” Butterfield. The kid is nicknamed as the Rat King for the amount of leaking he has done. With him on Chaos. E.C. it seems fir to call the group snakes and ratters. Chaos was originally in Group B, but Epitácio “TACO” de Melo had enough of his slander against MiBR, so, MiBR veto picked Chaos from group B to C and traded C9 as payment. So, the group looks like GEN.G vs Envy, with Chaos taking on MiBR on Saturday in an already exciting grudge match.

Smooya was made for this event

Group C – Group of Assisted Living

This Flashpoint group is the team full of the old guard of CS:GO. FunPlus Pheonix, Cloud 9 (who isn’t an old team), Orgless and Dignitas all occupy this space. This group is lead by Casper “cadiaN” Møller, who spent the air time available to roast MAD Lions, Chaos and Dignitas. no doubt all these guys will want their revenge. This Flashpoint group will kick off on Sunday, with FunPlus Pheonix playing Cloud 9, and Orgless vs Dignitas.

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How it works

Once when the first two matches of each Flashpoint group has played, the losers and winners group will be decided. The Group A upper and lower bracket matches will then begin on the 17th, with Group B on 18th and Group C on 19th. The final of each group will then be on the 22nd.

With the conclusion to the first group stages, the Thursday coming up will once again draw more Flashpoint groups. The top three teams will once again be the group captains of A, B, and C. Teams will once again be drawn into three different groups. This will happen a total of two additional times before the playoff fixtures are decided on seeding in April.

You can watch all the Flashpoint drama unfold here at Flashpoint’s twitch channel.

Note: Group B and C had been switched around. This article has been updated to reflect Flashpoint’s schedule change since the group draw.

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