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BLAST Premier Spring Season – The story so far

Blast Premier

The BLAST Premier Spring Regular Season has come to an end. The twelve teams taking part in the BLAST Premier have been through their groups, with grand upsets and triumphant returns. With the regular groups over and done with, we will update you on all the big events from the three weeks of groups.

Group A

Emerging victorious from Group A is FaZe Clan. The roster finally looks like they made it work. In their opening event of the year, they topped their group. This was with the likes of Team Liquid, MiBR and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Not only that, but they absolutely battered Team Liquid in the grand final. This means that FaZe Clan and Team Liquid will move onto the Spring Finals.

FaZe Clan massacring Team Liquid during the Group A finals.

Group B

Natus Vincere topped Group B in their second showing as a brand new roster. They benched Ladislav “guardiaN” Kovács for Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy. With Perfecto in play Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is back on AWP duty. The roster first appeared at the ICE Challenge 2020, finishing second. In their second appearance, they finished first. This is over Team Vitality, Complexity and Astralis.

But who finished second? No, it wasn’t Team Vitality or Astralis, it was in fact Complexity. Yes, Complexity upset Astrlais and Team Vitality to get to Finals. To top it off, Complexity got to the group final in the upper bracket. Na’Vi lost their opening game vs Team Vitality and came back by taking down Astralis and then Team Vitality down in the lower bracket final.

A montage of Complexity upsetting teams in Group B

This also means that Astralis went out last. Yes, Group B was a crazy stage, making the Showdown stage yet to come even more hype.

Group C

Finally, G2 Esports and OG show the world what they are made of. G2 Esports had quite the journey in 2019. They faced many roster moves and a variety of results. But now, 2020 has opened up extremely well for them. Being in a group with Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves is a good challenge, and they pulled it off. G2 Esports topped the group with OG taking second.

As for OG, they finally showed what it is that they can do, The team has had questionable results here and there, which puts a few questions marks on the ceiling of OG roster. Although, they have managed to come out when they needed to. It is exciting times for a team that has only been around for two months.

Both EG and 100 Thieves are teams that made appearances in the top 5 world rankings towards the end of last year. But yet them losing out to G2 and OG is sign these teams have put in the work. The player break for new years and Christmas may have something to do it. But, that cant takes away from the fact they put in the work and made it top of the group.

Yet another montage. This time for Group C

This is all for now with the BLAST Premier Spring The Showdown will take place over the 2nd to 3rd June. The BLAST Premier Spring Finals will then take place over 19th – 21st June. More information on the BLAST Premier Spring can be found here.

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