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RLCS Season 9 opening weekend postponed due to server issues

RLCS Season 9

Psyonix has postponed the opening week of RLCS Season 9 after server issues left players unable connect to matches.

Season 9 was set to begin on Saturday with the North America Regular Season, but he first game (Flights vs Pittsburgh Knights) never got underway. Instead, viewers were left waiting as Psyonix attempted to get the servers back up. The issues proved insurmountable, and after an hour of delays, the decision was made to reschedule Week 1, including Sunday’s EU matches, to a later date.

RLCS Season 9 postponed

In a message delivered to the affected players on Discord, RL community manager Devin Connors stated the issues were not to do with the servers, but the Psynet SQL database, which underwent an update on Thursday. Psynet is responsible for matchmaking, connecting players to servers and tracking stats across the game.

And it wasn’t just the professional players that were having issues, with Psynet down, gamers from all over the world were effectively shut out from the game.

Servers were reported to be back up at around 03:00 AM GMT, however, by then the decision had already been made to reschedule the entire weekend of games – meaning that Week 2 will now serve as the opening weekend. The second-tier of competitive Rocket League, the Rival Series, was also rescheduled.

This will delay means that there will be no Rival Series broadcast on February 7, with an announcement expected early next week detailing when the series and Week 1 will now be played.

RLCS Season 9 postponed – Pros and orgs find the funny side

Justin “Jstn” Morales of NRG esports didn’t allow the fact he couldn’t connect to the servers from stopping doing his best to get his team the win.

While Spacestation Gaming was just happy to know that their 3rd place finish last season was still the latest results.

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