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MSI reportedly delayed amid Coronavirus concerns

MSI will likely face delays after fears about player safety in relation to coronavirus came to light

With no set date in the calendar, no location announced, and the Spring Splits of most the regions now underway, the League of Legends 2020 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) has become a sore subject for some.

With the announcement of a potential delay, rescheduling, and relocation, hope for clarification on the event has never seemed further away.

Late Tuesday afternoon a tweet was posted from LoL esports official Twitter account on behalf of John Needham, the Riot Games global head of esports. The tweet outlined the issues surrounding MSI, and the company’s commitment to player safety.

The news comes amid the growing concerns about coronavirus and the threat of a pandemic across multiple nations. The COVID-19 Coronavirus has spread from its origin point in China, to Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, and beyond.

The spread of the virus has already prompted drastic action from pro leagues across the world. The LPL, China’s premier league, has had all it’s games postponed, and is currently experimenting with broadcasting remote scrims, in the hope of creating some semblance of a normal competitive organisation.

Meanwhile in South Korea, the LCK has seen first it’s live audience, and now it’s press core, banished from the studio for all games. Additionally, there have already been several scares with players falling ill, however, luckily none have proved to be positively identified with COVID-19.

Now, much like the virus, concern about the effects of the encroaching coronavirus has spread across the League of Legends world. MSI is the latest victim. With the impending postponement of one of the game’s only annual international competitions, hope for normality in the 2020 season seems a far cry away.

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