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The Summer Dota 2 Event has arrived – Aghanim’s Labyrinth


Today we can finally try out the exclusive Dota 2 Summer Event called “Aghanim’s Labyrinth”. Initially, the event was only going to be available to those who’ve purchased the TI 10 Battle Pass. However, it seems that Valve changed their mind as everyone can play this new mode, including those who don’t own the Battle Pass.

What does it entail?

The newest Dota 2 event is a four-player mode, where you have to hunt powerful enemies. You can find those enemies inside rooms, which are made by Aghanim, one of the strongest magicians in the world. As the name of this event suggests, you will be able to choose your path in the labyrinth. In addition to the fun challenge, you will also collect special shards which are needed in order to improve the abilities of the hero you’ve chosen. Needless to say, you will require shards in order to unlock as much as possible from the labyrinth.

If you manage to reach the end of this challenge, you will fight none other than Aghanim himself. Despite his age, he has a few tricks up his sleeve that are rather more dangerous than pulling a rabbit out of a hat. If you manage to defeat this powerful being, you can challenge other players and win special rewards.

In addition, you will also have the chance to compete in a special leaderboard. In order to be among the winners, you will have to clear out this challenge as fast as possible. Should you succeed, you will receive some exclusive prizes, such as an Arcana, a special effect on your Aghanin’s Scepter, a courier and more.

Even though you won’t need a Battle Pass, you can get up to 2000 BP per week if you take part in this event. Be sure to check the Dota 2’s official page if you want to learn more about this challenge.

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