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Captain’s Draft Dota 2 League in Oceania

With all Dota 2 tournaments now online, many have had to change their formats. Now, around a month after the changes began, we can enjoy high-quality events every single day.

A new tournament

The newest addition to online tournaments is called Captain’s Draft Dota 2 League. It’s most interesting aspect is that it will feature teams from Oceania. This is the newest Dota 2 region, slowly trying to make its mark on the big stage.

Here, you will find platers from Australia and New Zealand that will be fighting for a $15,000 prize pool. Even though that’s not much, especially for Dota 2, it’s still a decent amount of money for this region.

Instead of featuring different teams, there will be coaches who will choose from a pool of Oceanic players. The idea behind this change is to boost the popularity of the games in these countries.

The tournament will begin tomorrow, so definitely check it out. However, instead of just a week, it will continue until the 30th of May. Once the season is over, we will be able to watch the main event from the 1st – 6th of June, 2020.

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