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Whether it’s capturing the excitement of a new product launch, or crowning the victor of an esports tournament - Dartfrog combines years of gaming expertise with industry-leading technology to exceed any goal we're set.

Live Event Production

We’ll take your scope, and help you grow from that seed all the way through to the full realisation of your activation and engagement needs. From low key online-only tournaments and launch events, through to stadium-packed shows with major brand activations, we provide for every production need. From streaming setup to show content, we keep everyone engaged so that the technology becomes an enabler rather than a distraction. Collaboration is key in everything we do, as delivering exceptional results requires everyone to be on the same page at the right time.

Platforms & Technology

We build solutions for the long term. Using a combination of our own proprietary technology and integration with proven services, we can tailor our solutions to suit your need. Our integration and ‘best of breed’ consumption model allows us to flex rapidly to requirements. We ensure that our customers are never stuck on legacy platforms or tied into commitments that don’t evolve and grow with the ever changing market. Our solution-first approach allows us to remain truly agnostic in the choices we make, ensuring you have the best solution, not the fashionable one.

Commercial Partnerships

We can help with sponsorship agreements, prize funding and giveaway collateral by sourcing relevant and interesting partners for curated events. We will always focus on the end customer and ultimately the player experience, as what works for a charitable organisation may not work for a manufacturer. From local business through to international solutions, we find and manage the right partners for you whilst retaining a human touch. After all, this industry is all about people, and we believe our approach delivers the best possible outcomes for our customers.

Creative Media

We maintain an in-house creative media team with decades of graphic design & content production expertise. Mixing cutting edge technology with popular culture, we help brands and talent to engage and succeed in the thriving gaming industry. Whether you’re already established or are interested in entering the sector for the first time, our team will work with you on anything from brand development to content creation and social media strategy. We’ll craft campaigns that are powered by market insight, make noise and deliver incredible results.

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