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Where does Bjergsen go now? Five options for the LCS pro

Is Bjergsen set for a move next season?

In the finals of the LCS 2019 Regional Finals, Team SoloMid was defeated by Clutch Gaming in a dramatic display that saw TSM fall from Worlds 2019 contention. And almost immediately questions began circulation about the future of TSM’s star mid laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg.

People questioned whether such a good player would stay with a team that has now missed out on a trip to the World Championships two years in a row. Leaving out retirement, if only because we’d hate to see that happen, these are the five most likely plans for Bjergsen:

Stay with TSM

While talk is cheap in esports, and loyalty is even cheaper, don’t be surprised if TSM’s current midlaner stays put. We’re never privy to everything that goes on in a pro player’s head, but with Bjerg’s history with the team and the deep connections he’s made, staying with TSM could be the safest option. The team is willing to move other players around and give Bjergsen the tools to succeed. They’ve always provided him with a top-level jungler, and one that plays to mid as a priority. There’s no guarantee that Bjergsen would get the same treatment on another team (although they’d be foolish not to). 

Bjergsen might also be cautious to test the waters of free agency, given the unreliability of other teams. While the rest of the league has changed dramatically since the first LCS season, TSM is largely the same organisation it was as when the league was founded. No new owners, no dramatic rebranding. Just the same TSM as always. While a change of scenery might be helpful, on some level, it’s sometimes better to stick with what you know. And TSM is the most knowable commodity in the LCS.

Head to 100 Thieves

The smart money in roster move predictions has Bjergsen landing at LCS rivals 100 Thieves. The organisation has struggled through the past four splits, underperforming despite all-star rosters and big-name investment. Love or loathe 100T’s entrepreneurial frontman Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, no one can dispute his passion for esports of any kind. The team would likely be willing to move mountains to secure a player that can genuinely secure them a championship, especially as those vaunted investors and big-name sponsors start to question why success has eluded them so far. Bjergsen is a proven commodity. A staple of almost every NA finals since he joined the league, and a massive upgrade for the 100T roster. 

Sign with another NA team

100T are not the only team with performance issues, and a wallet big enough to tempt a World Championship hungry mid laner to their organisation. OpTic Gaming has sat on the edge of a high playoffs finish for two splits. Golden Guardians and CLG won’t be happy with their finishes this past season – and whoever Echo Fox’s new spot owner is may want to shake things up.

Back to Europe

One option always open to Bjergsen is returning to his native region and riding the recent wave of European dominance. Since MSI, the League of Legends community as a whole has been extolling the virtues of the LEC, proclaiming it perhaps the best league in the world. Even discounting international performance, there are plenty of teams in Europe who are desperate to upgrade their roster. Especially given that teams such as G2 Esports have taken to almost hoarding high-quality mid lane talent. 

That said, the residency status is one of Bjergsen’s greatest assets, and the player would surely think twice before giving it up. Søren Bjerg is of course, a native Dane, but his time in the NA region has granted him NA Residency under LCS/LEC rules. Completing a season in the LEC would effectively remove his NA Residency. This clause gives Bjergsen enormous flexibility on where he signs next, but is a double-edged sword, as moving out of the LCS would limit his future options.

A full-time streaming career

Not only is Bjergsen one of the most talented players in the LCS, but he’s also one of the most popular. Along with playing in one of NA’s most storied and supported teams, Bjerg’s social media presence is enormous. His vast following could easily be leveraged into a comfortable streaming career. 

However, as with most pro players, Bjergsen’s twitch numbers are varied. When he’s streaming regularly, the TSM star can comfortably rely on 10,000 viewers tuning in. His subscriber count varies between 500 to 1000, depending on his regularity. With his current focus on LCS playoffs, Bjergsen’s current sub count looks rather anemic – but with enough time and effort, the pro could surely create and nurture a healthy fanbase of viewers and subscribers.

Whatever Søren Bjerg chooses to do in the future, his legacy is more than secured. The passionate and charismatic mid laner ushered in the second era of TSM when he joined them, and has won the organisation many championships and accolades. The final feather in Bjergsen’s cap would be a World Championship. And whether he does that with TSM or not, he’ll go down in the League of Legends history books as one of the game’s greatest players. 

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