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Virtus.Pro wins Parimatch League Season 3


Virtus.Pro has always been one of the strongest teams in CIS. Although they saw troubles after the roster change that took place after TI 9, the team is now back at the top. Their most recent success? Victory in the Parimatch League Season 3!

The tournament was exciting to watch, with some of the best teams in the region in attendance. Alongside Virtus.Pro, we got to see HellRaisers, FlyToMoon, as well as other top names. All of them played in the hope of winning the lion’s share of a $93,000 prize pool.

It was Virtus.Pro who managed to reach the final. There, they had the uneasy task of playing against FlyToMoon. Although many thought that VP would have an easy time, this was not the case. In fact, they barely managed to take the series with the score of 3-2.

The series saw a horrendous start for Vitus.Pro as they lost their first two games. In the first game of the series, Alik “V-Tune” Vorobey absolutely ripped through the competition with his Anti-Mage, which gave FlyToMoon a good head-start in the final.

Nearly the same thing happened in game two. However, instead of a one-man show, the entire FTM squad played exceptionally well. As a result, the game finished in under 25 minutes as V-Tune prepared to deliver their knock-out punch.

Instead, Igor “iLTW” Filatov and his team-mates decided to stop fooling around and took a quick win in the third game of the series. In the next match, it was Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko playing a nearly flawless Lina who carried the team to victory. He proved once again why people consider him the best mid laner in CIS.

Both teams gave it all in the final game. Although FTM had the lead for a while, No[o]ne and Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok took matters into their own hands. They managed to survive in several close fights, which was enough to push their enemies and force the GG call.