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Twitch Rivals to host $400,000 USD Fortnite tournament

Fortnite Twitch Rivals

Twitch Rivals is back once again and this time with a huge $400,000 USD Fortnite tournament. The event will take place in Twitch’s live studio from the 21st to 22nd August, starting at 9pm BST.

This iteration of the Twitch Rivals tournament will feature 160 invited affiliate or partnered Twitch streamers, who will partake in several competitive events. Throughout the showdown we can expect to see duo and squad tournaments played across a mix of creative and custom matches.

The event will feature a main Twitch stream to watch the competition. Alternatively, spectators can tune in to watch streamer specific perspectives to feel closer to the action.

It is currently unknown who all the participants are for the event, but it is likely the usual Twitch superstars will make an appearance in some capacity. For all the Tyler “Ninja” Bevins fans out there, he will almost certainly not be participating as he left the platform on 1st August to the streaming service Mixer.

This marks another successful venture for the Twitch Rivals programme. The event recently concluded tournaments in Apex Legends, Counter Strike, Teamfight Tactics and Rainbow Six. It’s the second Twitch Rivals event for Fortnite, and although the prize pool available has gone up from $260,000 USD to $400,000, the event has been scaled down so that the tournament is more accessible to partnered streamers.

There appears to be a signup page for the event.  If you are a Twitch affiliate or partner reading this, you may have a shot at featuring.

It’s likely Twitch are attempting to mirror the infinite potential Epic Games have uncovered within the Fortnite World Cup. Throughout 2019 there have been countless world cup qualifiers, where most entrants were paid for their performance. This feel like Twitch’s attempt to follow suit for their Fornite streamers.

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