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Top 5 winningest Call of Duty pros of all time

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Call of Duty pros have been winning tournaments for over a decade, with many of the players still at the top of their game. Here’s an in-depth look at the five most successful players in competitive Call of Duty history:

5th – Patrick “Aches” Price (17 major wins)

Aches is one of the biggest names in competitive CoD and is often referred to as the “villain” of the scene. He began competing during Modern Warfare 2, however he didn’t pick up his first major win until the Black Ops season. After a quiet year in Modern Warfare 3, Aches joined Complexity Gaming where he won a staggering six major events, continuing his form into Ghosts.

The two-time world champion has dropped off in the last few years, despite winning the CWL Championship 2018 with Evil Geniuses. Aches has won a total of $477,307 in prize money and is still competing at the highest level. After recently announcing himself as an unrestricted free agent for the 2020 league, we will soon find out where Aches is heading next.

4th – Matthew “Formal” Piper (21 major wins)

Starting off as a Halo professional, Formal began competing in Call of Duty during the Ghosts season, where his natural talent soon became recognised. He joined OpTic Gaming at the beginning of Advanced Warfare and went on to win nine major tournaments that season. The OpTic dynasty dominated during Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare, where they won the CWL Championship in 2017.

Formal is yet to get back to his winning ways as the competition becomes increasingly difficult. His most recent win was at CWL Fort Worth earlier this year. Over the course of his Call of Duty career, Formal has earned a whopping $628,932.

3rd – Damon “Karma” Barlow (24 major wins)

Often referred to as the “G.O.A.T” of competitive CoD, Karma is the only player in CoD history to have won three world championships. He won his first major tournament in 2013 under Fariko Impact and went on to win the Call of Duty Championship that year. Karma then won six major tournaments in the Ghosts season under Complexity and Evil Geniuses.

After joining OpTic Gaming in Advanced Warfare, the brand became the most dominant powerhouse in Call of Duty esports. Karma is the highest earning player in competitive CoD with a massive $804,847 in the bank. With rostermania in full flow, it will be interesting to see which lucky franchise has managed to pick up one of the all-time-greats.

2nd – Seth “Scump” Abner (27 major wins)

Scump is one of the most recognisable names in Call of Duty. He has over 2 million Twitter followers and 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube. Alongside a successful YouTube career, Scump has consistently dominated the CoD scene since 2011 and continues to play professionally today.

His first major win came under Quantic Leverage with a team consisting of Aches, Bobby and Teepee. After the Black Ops season, Scump’s career took off as he signed for OpTic Gaming and the rest is history. Scump won the CWL Championship 2017 with what was arguably the most dominant team in Call of Duty history.

5th on the highest earning list, Scump has accumulated a huge $682,685 in prize money during his career. He will undoubtedly be looking to add to this total in the 2020 season.

1st – Ian “Crimsix” Porter (33 major wins)

The winningest Call of Duty pro of all time is none other than Crimsix. With 33 major wins under his belt, Crimsix is one of the greatest players to have competed in CoD esports. He was picked up by Compexity in Black Ops 2 where he soon became known as one of the best players in the game.

Crimsix played for OpTic Gaming for 5 years after joining in Advanced Warfare. He won multiple championships with the organisation and has earned $777,657 in prize money during his career. Not looking to retire anytime soon, Crimsix aims to add to his tally next year as the Call of Duty League approaches.

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