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TobyWan’s Dota 2 voice lines removed after sexual harassment allegations


In predictable form, 2020 continues its mission to be the worst year ever. Now, we have to deal with sexual harassment in the professional gaming scene on a seemingly unprecedented level.

After the situation with Grant “GranDGranT” Harris, we’ve learnt of another Dota 2 caster who may have stepped way beyond the line – Toby “TobiWan” Dawson. Historically one of Dota 2’s most-loved talents, it seems that his career in esports has come to an end.


According to Meruna, the famous Dota 2 Cosplayer, TobiWan “didn’t take no for an answer”. Several people have decided to come forward about their experiences with the Dota 2 caster. As a result, one of the first that decided to take action was David “LD” Gorman, the co-owner of Beyond The Summit.

Beyond The Summit is one of the largest Dota 2 event organizers in the world. LD rushed to say that he wouldn’t be working alongside TobiWan anymore. In addition, almost all of the Dota 2 casters have said that they do not want to be associated with Tobi going forward. This includes Troels “syndareN” Nielsen, Meruna’s boyfriend.

Perhaps the last nail in the coffin was Valve’s immediate response to the situation. They decided to remove some of the most iconic Chat Wheel lines voiced by Toby. With every line now replaced, TI 10 Battle Pass owners will see a new set of voice lines.

After these allegations, it’s hard to predict what the future holds for the world-class caster. Although he is loved by many, the accusations against him certainly won’t be taken lightly.

UPDATE – 02.07

As of today, one of the iconic Dota 2 casters decided that he will be stepping down from the Esports scene.

Before TobiWan, Paul “Redeye” Chaloner was the first person who decided to quit DOTA 2 esports for good. Even though there were no sexual allegations against him, several people shared stories online about how Redeye was “really difficult to work with and often abused his powers”.

Alongside changing his name on Twitter to ‘Inactive’, Toby Dawson released a public statement. He stated that he wants to move on with his life, and is quitting the Esports scene forever – tragically signing off with a twist on his famous quote, “Never again in the history of DOTA”.

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