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The Vancouver Titans and San Francisco Shock are OWL’s Grand Finalists

Overwatch League Finalists

The Vancouver Titans made Overwatch League history this weekend. The most dominant team in the League just secured their Grand Finalists spot against the New York Excelsior in a seven-map series. Then, in the losers’ bracket, the San Francisco Shock defeated the NYXL in an impressive series to also take their place in the grand final.

So It Begins…

Going into this match-up, the NYXL were either going to show up to play, or roll over and let the Vancouver Titan’s have their victory. Unfortunately for the Titans, rolling over was not in New York’s playbook. For Kim “Mek0” Tae-hong on the NYXL, it was all about outsmarting the Titan’s Choi “JJANU” Hyeon-woo and landing the perfect Flux. Sigma’s importance was demonstrated in this match, and JJanu stepped up to make it count for his team.

Map one went as soon as it came and the Titan’s claimed their first map of the series. King’s Row and Temple of Anubis were when the Excelsior came alive and decided to start playing some serious Overwatch. These maps were close, but the NYXL were consistent and finally got aggressive. Matching the Titan’s ferocity is one thing that won them the game, that, and Libero’s Bastion play.

Turning the Tide

The momentum switched in map four, with the Titan’s choice of Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Haksal’s Mei created a stellar opportunity for his team to engage, often controlling the ebb and flow of team fights. In the end, Haksal’s desperate dive onto the point as Doomfist allowed them to secure the map. Map five, Busan, was playtime for Haksal, who used Doomfist flawlessly to dismantle the NYXL.

Down but not defeated, the NYXL took the Vancouver Titans to Numbani in hopes of coming back from match-point. The first round of attack and defense played out just as any other OWL match might. It was NYXL’s second attack on Numbani that left most with a gaping jaw. In overtime, the NYXL managed to capture all three objectives and end the map with six points. The Titans were unable to secure Point A after many failed attempts, and now the stage was set for a tiebreaker. Dorado ended in a swift and violent victory for the Vancouver Titans, as they clutched out the win that they were desperately looking for.

The NYXL’s efforts against the Vancouver Titans shouldn’t be disregarded, and if anything it proves that they are a worthy opponent. As a result, the NYXL had to face off against the San Francisco Shock. This matchup wasn’t pretty, with the San Francisco Shock walking away with a 4-0 victory and a plane ticket to Philadelphia. This will be the ultimate rematch of the Stage 1 and Stage 2 playoffs, determining who is the best team in the Overwatch League.

What’s Next?

The Grand Finals kick off at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on September 29th. The Vancouver Titans vs. San Francisco Shock will also be broadcast on Overwatch League’s Twitch channel, ABC, and the ESPN app.

Both teams are performing on an elevated level given the stakes at hand, but it’s still anyone’s game. The Vancouver Titans are consistent, dominant, and aggressive. The San Francisco Shock show unmatched versatility and communication. No matter who wins, this is a match not to be missed.

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