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The Shanghai Dragons Finalize their 2020 Roster

The Shanghai Dragons have finalized their 2020 roster reaching the 12 player limit. Their newest editions, Seo “Stand1” Ji-Won, off-tank Kang “Void” Jun-woo, DPS Lee “LIP” Jae-won, and support Lee “LeeJaeGon” Jae-gon were picked up earlier this week.

After setting a professional sports record for the longest losing streak ever, the Shanghai Dragons showed their colour in Stage 2 and 3 of the 2019 Overwatch League season. The Shanghai Dragons are bringing back Bae “diem” Min-seong, Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon, Yang “Luffy” Seong-hyeon, Kim “Izayaki” Min-chul, Lee “envy” Kang-jae, and Yang “DDing” Jin-hyeok with Weida “Diya” Lu on a two-way split with Team CC.

New Additions

Shortly after releasing three players, the Dragons made a surprise announcement and swept DPS player Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim out from underneath the Seoul Dynasty. This pick up will be sure to give Shanghai some teeth next season, but with players like DDing and diem still on the team, playtime might get cut short. Fleta’s prowess on hitscan is well-known and respected, a healthy supplement to the current damage capabilities of the Dragons.

Stand1 comes from Gladiator’s Legion, a North American Contenders team where he made moves and memes. He is a solid tank choice for replacing Young-jin “Gamsu” Noh as the main tank but may need time to adjust to the higher level of competition.

Off-tank player Void for the Los Angeles Gladiators is joining the team and will get to play with former Kongdoo Panthera teammates DDing and Luffy. Void is a consistent off-tank that fairs better on D.Va than any other hero, but hopefully, the off-season allows for Sigma practice.

Acquiring LeeJaeGon from Team Runaway was quite possibly the best of additions from this roster change. The young support player was underrated in helping Team Runaway become so successful and got left behind when the Vancouver Titans took on most of the Contenders team. LeeJaeGon joining the League puts his side by side with Luffy and Izayaki but also puts him toe to toe with players like Ryujehong, Kariv, and Shaz.

There is no current reason as to why the Shanghai Dragons picked up Contenders DPS player LIP, considering the all-star talent they have on board. This may be more of a learning experience for LIP as he could face less playtime than the other previously mentioned DPS players on Shanghai’s roster.

A majority of the Overwatch League teams have confirmed their 2020 rosters, and more teams have filled the 12 player limit than ever before. Next year players will travel around the world competing against teams that have changed drastically. Being adaptable and having variety in rosters will be crucial to avoiding burnout and staying competitive.

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