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Team Secret claim victory at DreamLeague Season 13

Team Secret

This week was a big deal for every Dota 2 fan out there. We got to see some of the best teams in the world giving it all at DreamLeague Season 13 with Team Secret emerging victorious in a tight BO5 against Evil Geniuses. Even though this was just the second major of the 19/20 DPC, it’s still very important, especially for some teams.

In the end, after many obstacles along their way, it was Team Secret that lifted the trophy defeating Evil Genius in a tight contest. Ultimately prevailing and staking a claim as the best team in the world at this moment.

So let’s take a look and what happened in the Grand Final and how Puppey and his team-mates managed to overcome their opponents at DeamLeague Season 13.

How Team Secret defeated Evil Genius at DreamLeague Season 13

Game One

The first game between these two powerhouses was very intense as neither team was able to get a clear advantage. However, it was EG that managed to take over after a series of fights going in their favour. As a result, Abed’s Templar Assassin just ripped though Secret’s lineup, securing the lead in the series

Game Two

After that unfortunate loss, Team Secret attempted to surprise their opponents by picking Meepo. Needless to say, Evil Geniuses was caught off-guard and had a very tough game. Even though the North American team fought back relentlessly, Secret’s Meepo was just too strong to deal with as the Europeans were back in the series.

Game Three

Despite the amazing game two, Team Secret again found themselves down by the end of game three. Evil Geniuses dominated the laning stage and gave Abed the much-needed lead with his Storm Spirit. As a result, the SEA player absolutely demolished Secret’s lineup and helped his team gain the lead in the series.

Game Four

With just one game away from elimination, Team Secret decided to step up their game. As a result, they picked one of Matumbaman’s best heroes – Morphling. Within just a couple of minutes, the Finnish superstar was able to accumulate tons of farms. Slowly but steadily, the European powerhouse gained a significant advantage and eventually claimed the win, pushing the series into a final game five.

Game Five

Despite the strong start for EG, it was Team Secret that had now taken control of the match. In game five they rotated perfectly around the map and managed to secure over 15k of networth advantage in just 25 minutes.

Sadly, EG just had nothing to scare Secret with as their cores were dangerously under-farmed. And after yet another dreadful teamfight going in favour of the EU team, GG was called and Team Secret was crowned as the Leipzig Major Champions.


Team Secret DreamLeague Season 13

Even though they didn’t win, EG proved that they are a very capable team. Who knows, we might see them lifting the trophy next time.

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