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StarLadder Berlin Major 2019: Quarter Finals Day One Recap

Renegades celebrate victory

The StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 Quarter Finals Day One has kicked off after its Group Stages in spectacular fashion with eight hopefuls failing to advance to the Quarter Finals. There are eight teams however who made it to the Quarter Finals, and today we lost two. We witnessed many action-packed rounds and some arguably surprising turnouts. Let’s talk about today’s matches and take a look at tomorrow’s Quarter Finals.

ENCE vs Renegades.

The ENCE/Renegades series ended with a swift 2-0, with Renegades making it through to the Semi Final round first. ENCE really showed signs of life on Map Two, Nuke, but scrambled to find rounds on Map One, Mirage. ENCE lost 5-16 on Mirage and 12-16 on Nuke.

After such a strong 3-0 performance over teams Avangar, MIBR, and Vitality, ENCE was the new favorite of the tournament coming into the quarter finals. Their 2-0 performance in Round 3 of the Group Stage over Vitality will forever be overshadowed by their 2-0 loss to the Renegades squad that took a 3-2 advancement as the eight seed for the Quarter Finals. Renegades struggled all the way to be able to face ENCE, but ultimately upset them in a quick fashion.

Vitality vs Avangar.

My personal Darkhorse since the main qualifier, Avangar made it to the Quarter Finals with a nice 3-1 in the Group Stage with their only loss being to ENCE. They beat the ‘Super Teams’ Team Liquid and G2 to advance after also beating Renegades in the second round.

Team Vitality made it to the Quarters as the 4th Seed and were matched against the 5th Seed Avangar for the Quarters, after beating North, FaZe, losing to ENCE and qualifying by beating Mousesports, they came in looking exceptionally strong.

The two teams traded the first and second Maps, Mirage was an Avangar win 16-9, while Vitality took Inferno 16-11. On Map 3, Dust 2, Avangar took an early 13-5 lead. Vitality was able to pick it up and mount a comeback, but it was cut short at 10-15

Day 2 Preview.

Today we’ll see surprise heavy weight bouts. First up is Natus Vincere vs NRG. NRG as the second Seed is the new favorite in terms of Seeding. This is an insane match up where either team could win. If there were one to pick then that would have to be NRG who made it out 3-0 beating out Renegades, Team Liquid, and Astralis while Na’Vi struggled to get out 3-2 against arguably less capable teams.

In the latter half of the day we see a Marquee matchup with Astralis and Team Liquid giving us a Finals match in the Quarter Finals. All signs point to both as the winner of this matchup, with maybe a few more going the way of Team Liquid, who struggled early on in the group stage but clinched the Bracket Stage in the end with a strong showing. This will more than likely be the game to watch as both teams are fighting for a chance at something they usually wouldn’t have until they faced each other, a title.

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