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SK Telecom T1 wins the LCK 2020 Spring Finals despite ban controversy

T1 are the LCK 2020 Spring Finals Champions

SK Telecom T1 has defeated Gen.G in the finals of the LCK 2020 Spring Finals to become the 2020 Spring Champions.Β 

The victory comes amid a contentious ruling from the LCK that saw T1 have two of their bans forfeited due to a reported late arrival to the stadium. While accounts differ, the general consensus was that one or more of T1’s players were late to a pre-event meeting, and the team was subsequently disciplined for the lateness.

Many felt the loss of bans was a harsh measure, especially given the travel restrictions placed on everyone during the on-going Coronavirus problem. But even with many criticising the decision, the LCK officials upheld the removal of bans for the first game.

However, the loss of two bans proved to be little hindrance for the dominant Korean team, who defeated Gen.G in an incredibly convincing fashion. Gen.G never really showed any signs of life during a quick series of matches that cemented T1 as nine-time LCK Champions.Β 

The most iconic player on T1, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, also captured his ninth LCK championship, further expanding on the legendary player’s impressive list of accolades. The part-owner of T1 has been the one constant part of an organization that has become one of the most dominant teams ever in esports.

Amid a season which has been marred with difficulties relating to Coronavirus, and the adaptation of players like Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan, and Kim “Roach” Kang-hui to the new-look T1 roster, the team has remained consistent in its performances. What’s more, with no MSI to look forward to, the LCK finals will likely be the final challenge for T1 for some time.

The 2020 Summer Season of the LCK is currently set to begin on June 16, however, with the continuing pandemic concerns, that date is still subject to change. Keep your eyes peeled on Dartfrog for all the latest League of Legends news and analysis on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch.