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Fleta is the Meta: Seoul Dynasty shows life in Stage 4

Seoul Dynasty celebrating

Seoul Dynasty has been an above average team for most of Season 2, even after losing main tank Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung and DPS Sang-beom Munchkin Byeon. Worries rose whether or not they could keep up the performance in Stage 4, but after their victory over the Shanghai Dragons last night, things are looking good for the Dynasty. In March, Dynasty brought on Je-min ILLICIT Park as another DPS player, and while they perform more consistently, something about the Fleta + Fits combo hits a little harder. So what is it about the DPS duo that gave Seoul new life?

There was a confident air in Seoul as they took the stage and began playing on Ilios. Fleta dominated the skies and bullied DDing constantly, while Fits created space for the rest of his team and picked off what Fleta didn’t finish. Michelle and Marve1 did an excellent job of establishing real estate on the point while the damage duo did work and kept Shanghai off the point. Their coordination was not only more successful than we’ve seen in previous matches, but also had more flair than what we’ve seen before. Despite the minimal playtime we’ve seen from Fleta these past stages, there’s no denying Seoul’s presence when he’s on stage with the team.

Highlights of Seoul Dynasty vs. Shanghai Dragons

Seoul is guaranteed a play-in spot for the playoffs, but if the Philadelphia Fusion lose, Seoul could clinch a guaranteed playoffs spot in the final weeks. The Seoul Dynasty has always been a weird team that isn’t afraid to mix up their rosters and play with a mixed crew. It is extremely hard to identify an “A” crew and a “B” crew, giving most players an equal opportunity to shine in key moments and play when their strengths are most needed. While Illicit may be the slow-and-steady that Seoul needed during GOATS, Fleta is the meta when it comes to 2-2-2.

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