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Preparing for Playoffs

Overwatch League London Spitfire

The regular Overwatch League season is over, and now we move into playoffs territory. This weekend will be the play-in matches, where six teams will compete for two playoff spots.

The Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend hosted by the L.A. Valiant took place last weekend, and it was jam-packed with notable performances. The Atlanta Reign ended Stage 4 with no losses, and the New York Excelsior proved that they aren’t falling off. Sadly the Valiant go home winless in Stage 4, but on the bright side, they show significant promise. This weekend teams will need to prove that they can adapt and face teams at a higher stake. This will be the Guangzhou Charge and Chengdu Hunters, and Shanghai Dragon’s first playoffs and there is a pressure that comes with competing for a chance at the trophy.

And So it Begins…

On Friday the Chengdu Hunters will go up against the Guangzhou Charge, and this may be a challenge for them. Chengdu got swept 4-0 by the Shock in Stage 4 Week 4, and in the same week barely took a 5-map series against the Houston Outlaws. An upset from the Hunters is plausible, but it seems highly unlikely given the Charge’s clean performances of late. Following that match, the sinking Shanghai Dragons will attempt to take victory against the ever-improving, Philadelphia Fusion. This matchup will either end up in a complete blowout from the Fusion or a neck in neck battle. As the Shanghai Dragons slowly lose their edge once again, the Fusion has been improving week after week. Josue Eqo Corona did absolute work on Mei, using his wall to protect his team and freezing crucial targets of the enemy team.

Fighting For Finals

On Saturday the winner of the Chengdu vs. Shanghai match will take on the London Spitfire for the play-in spot against the Vancouver Titans. In this situation, I would say that if either of the contenders is going to face-off against London and win, it will be the Charge. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter who wins, because victory against the Titans is highly unlikely. There have been some significant upsets this Season, but the Titans are adjusted to the 2-2-2 meta and thriving.

The winner of the Shanghai Dragons vs. Philadelphia Fusion will take on the Seoul Dynasty. The more likely match up that we will see is the Fusion going up against the Dynasty, but Seoul will be more hopeful to face off against the Dragons. The Fusion took down the Dynasty 3-1 in Week 4 of this past stage, so it will be vital for Seoul to win the rematch. If any of these teams are going to take on the NYXL and come out on top, it is going to be the Fusion.

Playoffs this year are bound to be momentous as every team wants a chance to prove themselves and earn the title of Season 2 Champion. For some teams, it is going to be a tumultuous road, and for others, it is a matter of staying consistent. This weekend will be the nitty-gritty fights that determine who even gets a spot in playoffs so make sure you tune in because these are the matches you won’t want to forget.

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