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Post-Worlds Shuffle: The biggest LEC roster moves of the first week

We’re barely a week out from the end of Worlds 2019, and already the post-worlds shuffle is in full swing. Teams are making moves, trading players, and attempting to build a roster that can stand up to the competition when next year’s Spring Season rolls around.

Focusing on the LEC, there’s plenty of action in the player market. We’ve seen players exploring free-agency, shock departures and even coaches moving from world championship contenders to one of last season’s worst teams. Here are a few of the biggest moves so far in the LEC:

The post-worlds shuffle begins: Youngbuck to Excel

The biggest and most shocking move of the off-season so far, and one that will be hard to top has to be the departure of coach Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpoo from Fnatic. The former pro top laner was announced as the new head coach for UK-based Excel Esports yesterday afternoon. 

Having coached Fnatic to two consecutive World Championship appearances in both 2018 and 2019, his move to the 10th ranked team in the LEC has sent waves through the league. There is no questioning YoungBuck’s record, but taking Excel from the bottom of the table and bringing them success will be a huge challenge.


Arguably Excel’s issue has never been talent. The team has over eleven possible players it could call on at any one time, with players like Petter “Hjarnan” Freyschuss, Son “Mickey” Young-min, and Raymond “kaSing” Tsang having had standout careers both in the LEC and abroad. All eyes are on YoungBuck to turn this large roster of talent into a winning unit.

Promisq explores his free agency

If YoungBuck’s departure was shocking, then the announcement of Hampus Mikael “promisq” Abrahamsson’s free-agency was just upsetting. G2 Esports’ substitute support player has become a beloved figure in the LEC and the wider League of Legends fan base. Having strung together a remarkable career so far, that’s seen him play for several big LEC names, his greatest success has come as a substitute for G2.

With his incredible attitude, ability to step up when teammate Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle’s injury had him out of action, and likeable personality, promisq has become the model of everything you want from a substitute player. What’s more, fans have taken to referring to him as “The best player on G2.” After every loss the team takes, there were undoubtedly fans who would call the benching of one or more of G2’s current roster, and for promisq to take their place. 

Now it’s time for Promisq to step up and prove he really was that good. If he’s able to secure a starting roster spot on another team, it’s not just a win for him. It’s proof that riding the bench for a season can do wonders for your career. Especially if it’s for a team like G2.

Upset leaves Schalke 

FC Schalke 04 Esports narrowly missed out on a spot at Worlds 2019 after a fantastic Summer Split. So it’s unfortunate that some of the players who helped elevate the team to these heights will inevitably be in the crosshairs of teams looking to improve their own rosters. Elias “Upset” Lipp is one such player whose departure was announced on a post on the team’s official website.

The star bot laner was very open about the issues which plague the team in the run-up to Worlds, which could prove a turn-off for potential teams. However, his drive and ability are something that can’t be denied. He was one of the stand-out players on a roster that struggled in the early in the year, before turning things around in the Summer. He’ll be a valuable addition to any team that signs him.

There’s sure to be plenty more moves and changes as the weeks continue, so to keep track of all the upcoming post-worlds shuffle, and all the latest League of Legends news and analysis follow Dartfrog on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch.