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Perkz to NA? Reported 5 Million Dollar Move For G2’s Golden Boy

With a move from EU to NA, Perkz could become the most valuable player in esports

LEC fans brace for the worst as G2’s Luka “Perkz” Perković is reportedly preparing for a move across the Atlantic to North America. The alleged transfer of Perkz to NA was revealed by journalist Jacob Wolf in a tweet posted late evening, November 9.

North American League of Legends is well-known for hooving up the top European talent in a desperate attempt to improve its international performances. But this latest move dwarves all of them. With a reported $5 million buyout, and “record-setting” salary, the potential switch would make the 22-year old the single most valuable player in all of esports.

Perkz has been a core component in G2’s lineup since late 2015. Originally a mid laner, the Croatian star swapped to bot lane, to facilitate the signing of Rasmus “Caps” Borregaard Winther. Together, the duo became the two best carries in the LEC, taking G2 to three world championships, twice making it to the semi-finals. In 2019, Perkz was part of the G2 roster which came within a hair’s-length of winning Worlds, only falling to FunPlus Phoenix in the finals. 

A Perkz move to NA would be a huge blow to G2 and the LEC as a whole, giving up a generational talent as they move towards the prospect of a huge payday. North America has historically struggled at international competition, especially at Worlds. Many believe a move to NA would by default eliminate any chance that Perkz sees another Worlds final in his career. 

While all this remains speculation until an official announcement, some teams are more likely destinations than others. A move to Cloud9 would reunite Perkz with old EU LCS teammates. Meanwhile, 100 Thieves just announced the departure of Liyu “Cody Sun” Sun, giving them a spot that needs filling. It’s also not certain whether Perkz will continue to play bot lane, instead returning to Mid, where he’s played for many seasons. 

Wherever Perkz finally lands will gain the benefit of one of the most internationally experienced players in League of Legends. Having been to three MSI tournaments, and had four consecutive Worlds appearances with G2, there’s few with a similar resume in the game. Perkz is an upgrade over almost every player in his role in the North American region.

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