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Overwatch: Sigma & Role Lock now live

Sigma in Overwatch

Overwatch’s new 1.39 patch update brings some of the most impactful changes to the game since hero limits were implemented.

A Game Changer: 2-2-2 Role Lock

The feature has been on the Public Test Region for a few weeks now and the reception has been highly positive. This is the current patch that OWL operates in, but it is new to a majority of the player base. This new role lock also comes with role queue and role-specific SRs, which means that you no longer need to fight for a second tank or healer in competitive matches. Before you even queue up for a match you will choose which role you want to play. You must then play within that role for the entire duration of the game. Once you have completed 10 matches in one of the roles, you will receive an SR that is reflective of your skill in that particular role.

Madness Arrives: Sigma

Sigma is Overwatch’s newest hero and is live across all platforms. This psychotic tank harnesses the power of gravity and insanity to protect his team and dish out damage. He shoots projectile orbs that explode, can push forward a barrier like Orisa, and his ultimate is the death of bunker compositions.

The Meat and Bones: 1.39 Hero Changes:


  • Across all heroes, in Overwatch, there is a 12% increase in ultimate cost meaning that it will theoretically take longer to charge ultimates.
  • There was a bug with Symmetra and Zarya’s beam weapons that caused them to not deal full damage at all times that has now been fixed.


Ashe’s reload time has been decreased for each round from 0.3 to 0.25 second giving her a little more leeway on when she chooses to reload.


Brigitte got a lot of changes to make herself somewhat viable in this new 2-2-2 meta. Inspire has an increase in healing done from 100 to 130 but healing done to herself is cut in half. Repair Pack now has 3 charges but the healing has been decreased from 150 to 120, and it heals over 2 seconds rather than instantly. Her whip shot has more oomph behind it with the velocity changing from 60 to 80 and it comes back 0.3 seconds faster and her shield has been reduced from 500 to 200. Lastly, her stun now charges 0.15 seconds faster and her ultimate now costs 10% more.


The cost of all ultimates is increased by 12% with this update, but “mini” D.Va’s ultimate Call Mech is reduced by 12%, so D. Va mains are pretty safe this patch.


Quick melee no longer pauses ammo reload, allowing players to not feel punished for using Quick Melee and pumping out more damage.


Hanzo’s Storm Arrows have now been decreased from 6 to 5 to make his shots feel more deliberate.


Protective Barrier’s cooldown is increased from 8 to 9 seconds to punish players for poor barrier placement and it makes taking it down so much more rewarding.


Everyone’s favorite German engineer just received a new passive ability, called Steadfast. This ability reduces knockback effects by 30%, improving Reinhardt’s prowess as a main tank.


Sombra is a deadly counter to almost every hero in Overwatch and it has been proven time and time again in professional play. In this patch, her hack duration has been reduced from 6 to 5 seconds and her EMP activation time was reduced from 0.2 to 0.35 seconds.  These changes create urgency towards individual hacks but also leaves a larger window to shut down an EMP.


Symmetra got even more annoying with this patch as her teleporter now lasts for an infinite duration, or until it is destroyed. The range was increased from 25 to 30 meters and cooldown starts when the teleporter is destroyed.


Pulse Bomb’s damage has increased from 300 to 350 which makes her so much more viable in 2-2-2. 


Minefield now spreads out farther upon release due to an increase in projectile speed and it now activates 0.15 seconds faster. Hammond players now have better control of what used to be a limited zoning ultimate.

There were a plethora of minor bug changes with everything from inconsistent knockback effects to wrecking Ball getting stuck during slams. You can check out all of the bugs in-depth here and hop on into Overwatch to test it out for yourself!

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