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Mousesports kick-off 2020 with ICE Challenge win

GGBET ICE Challenge

Mousesports are already off to an excellent start in 2020 with a win at the GG.BET ICE Challenge. Eight teams were invited to the event, including tier two draws such asGODSENT and MAD Lions getting their first opportunity.

On the other hand, there was no shortage of top talent as well, with mousesports and Na’Vi were proving big draws to the event. ICE Challenge was an exciting way to start 2020 for several teams present. However, for mousesports, this was much more – another great victory as they ride their December 2019 momentum into the new year.

A not so strong path to the final

Mousesport’s group stage was unsurprisingly highly successful. Continuing in their December 2019 form, results were great, and the holiday break hasn’t slowed them down. They came out of the groups with two best-of-three victories., although, Mad Lions and Virtus.pro did have some close maps.

Advancing to the playoffs, mousesports had a rematch against MAD Lions. Only this time, their opponents had time to warm up. The first map of the series surprisingly went in favour of MAD Lions. MAD took mousesports down 16-13 on Vertigo.

With the tournament favourite still in question, mousesports was seemingly playing to not be eliminated, rather than to win. The team did come back swinging though, with a 16-4 win on Dust II. Ultimately, the score was settled on Nuke with a 16-12 win for the international roster.

What a great showing from MAD it was. A great result for a tier 2 roster

This was a cracking wake-up call for mousesports. As their first tournament back in 2020, they showed as lot weaknesses, which were exploited by teams far below them in quality. Heading into the finals, this needed to be addressed as they faced Natus Vincere.

The final of the ICE Challenge

With the momentum building for the Na’Vi and mousesports final, mouse needed to step up. Na’Vi’s new line-up had already put in work, and it could have been their honeymoon trophy after months of hard work. With mousesport’s successful run in December, a loss in the final wasn’t an option for Na’Vi.

Na’Vi opened the series with a strong first half on Dust II. However, Karrigan repeated history with an impeccable t-side taking the win 16-14. Moved onto Inferno. mouse maintained the momentum, and controlled the map well, with a 16-8 scoreline.

Notably, Oleksandr s1mple Kostyliev wasn’t performing to expectations. The only notable performance from him came on the third map, Train, where his presence on the AWP as the determining factor in their victory.

Unfortunately for Na’Vi though, mouse looked amazing. Chris “ChrisJ” de Jong managed to get a 1v5 clutch on the Train B-site that got them back into the swing on the T-side, setting up for a convincing win on final map Nuke. If it wasn’t for that play, then Na’Vi may have had the momentum shift in their favor.

Chris J with an amazing 1v5 situation

Mousesports put in work in the final, grafting their way to a 3-1 victory. And this work was especially needed, with the normally adept Özgür woxic Eker having a very quiet series for once.

As for Na’Vi, they too should be proud. ICE Challenge is their first event as a newly remade team. And to top it off, Electronic’s awakening at the event makes them even scarier.

Electronic earns the HLTV MVP award of the event for his performance despite being the runner-up team

Mousesport’s next big test is at Katowice from February 25 to March 1. This will be the first big LAN event since the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals, where mousesports shockingly stole a win. Katowice will determine without a doubt the best team in the world in this premier tournament. With most teams concentrating on their own individual events right now, and Katowice is set to attract for the first time this year, all the top teams in the world.

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