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MDL Chengdu – Everything you need to know about the $1,000,000 tournament

MDL Chengdu Major Preview Everything you need to know

After the first Minor came to an end, it’s time to focus on the upcoming MDL Chengdu Major. This will be the first Major of this DPC and the third one hosted by MDL. Sixteen of the best teams in the world will go battle it out in China for a share of the $1,000,000 prize pool, as well as 15,000 DPC points.

Let’s here is everything you need to know about the MDL Chengdu Major.

Format & Talents

Of the sixteen teams will take the floor at Chengdu, fifteen booked their place here through the regional qualifiers. Of course, the last member of the crew is the winner of the Summit 11 Minor – Invictus Gaming.

All teams will be divided into four GSL groups where they will play in a Bo3. Similar to the Minor, the top two will advance to the Upper Bracket, the bottom two – to the Lower Bracket. The playoffs will have a classic Bo3 double-elimination bracket, with only the first round of the Lower Bracket being Bo1.

Of course, no Major will be completed without the best talents in Dota. Luckily, the organizers managed to gather nearly all of them, which means that we will definitely have a great time.

The Most Dangerous Teams at MDL Chengdu

TNC Predator

Probably one of the biggest favorites to win MDL Chengdu is TNC. The SEA powerhouse is absolutely killing it lately, and their trophy at ESL One Hamburg 2019 proves this. They’ve been constantly on the rise, ever since these drastic roster changes that happened after TI9. However, we are yet to see if they have what it takes to win this Major. If they succeed, they will become the second SEA team to win such an event after Mushi’s Mineski two years ago.

Team Liquid

EG is the best North American team, and no one can deny it. In fact, they are the only team that managed to put up a challenge against the European giants during the last DPC. Even though their roster is not the same now, they are still looking like a dangerous team to play, especially when they have all those star players on the same roster.

Of course, we are yet to see if this new roster has what it takes to be on top. However, judging by the quality of the players, it seems success is a matter of when, not if.


This is the team that has the most experienced in the last couple of months. This is no surprise, considering the fact that they’ve taken part in nearly every single tournament possible.

As you know, this is an entirely new roster that Loda decided to take under his belt and so far, it seems like it’s paying off. Alliance won DreamLeage Season 12 and finished third at ESL One Hamburg 2019 which is a clear sign that they are not a team you can take lightly. Despite their success, we are yet to see them playing against some of the best teams in the world. Making the MDL Chengdu Major their first “real” test.

When & where to watch

The MDL Chengdu Major starts on the 16th of November, 2019.

You can watch all the action live on Twitch from the Beyondthesummit channel

Who do you think will win this Major? If you’re interested in finding out what’ll happen, you can tune in to watch on Beyond the Summit’s official Twitch page. For the latest Dota 2 news Dartfrog on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and Twitch.