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PSG.LGD win the Dota 2 China Professional League

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After the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, everything was either canceled or postponed indefinitely . Sadly, Dota 2 was no exception. After reviewing seriousness of the situation, Valve decided to postpone the ongoing DPC.

As a result, there are many online tournaments right now bringing together some of the best teams in the world. One of those tournaments was the China Dota 2 Professional League Season 1. In case you’ve forgotten, this event started around five months ago. The Grand Final was hosted recently, and oh boy was it a joy to watch.

PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming – Final

Ever since PSG.LGD enacted ‘that’ roster change, things have changed dramatically for the legendary team. Only a few days ago, they won the WeSave! Charity Play event in a Grand Final against Vici Gaming. Despite being the underdogs, Maybe and co. proved to everyone that they are back.

Now, just a couple of days later, Vici had to face their arch-nemesis once again in a chance for revenge. Sadly, they crumbled as PSG.LGD ripped through them like a knife through butter.

Game one looked great on paper for Vici, as they picked a very-well rounded draft. After a fairly easy early game, Eurus and his teammates dominated the mid-game and eventually won the entire thing, securing themselves a lead in this exciting series.

However, their success was short-lived, as PSG.LGD bounced back quickly. They had little-to-no problems winning games two and three after they out-drafted their enemies. In fact, they only needed around 27 minutes in both of these games, which was a clear sign that they had no intention of going down.

Just when we all thought the series was over, VG picked a very strong draft in game four that completely countered LGD’s Lone Druid. As a result, the TI8 runners-up had almost no chances and lost the game quickly, pushing the series into a final game five.

Game Five

In the last game of the series, PSG.LGD picked some of their most comfortable heroes in Dragon Knight and Slark. Although Vici secured some of the strongest heroes in the meta right now, they just couldn’t hold their ground against the sturdy, yet effective, LGD draft. As a result, they had no other option but to call GG to Maybe and his crew for the second time.

There will be several more online Dota 2 tournaments in the near future, and we’ll provide you with all the information whenever it’s available.

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