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LCS season postponed just hours after LEC suspends season

Friday night saw the LCS season postponed amid COVID-19 concerns

The LCS has suspended its season just hours after the LEC made its own postponement announcement. The news was reported first on the league’s official Twitter account late Friday night with an accompanying statement from Riot Game’s Chris Greeley, the LCS commissioner.

In an accompanying tweet, Greeley explained that the LCS was still exploring options for continuing the season. The league, he stated, is looking to shift play to remote games, and that the end of the season is flexible because of the shift of Spring Finals to the LCS Arena.

The announcement marks the cessation of three of the four major League of Legends regional leagues in light of the growing concerns around the COVID-19 coronavirus. The LCK, LEC, and now LCS have now suspended their Spring Split, while the LPL continues its season in an online format. 

Esports has recently been racked with a massive wave of cancellations, with dozens of LAN events in almost every game now moved to an online format or postponed. In the wake of the cancellations, League of Legends, players, casters, and community members have reacted to the LCS season postponement the best way they can – with humour and brevity.

Outside of words, the competitive spirit is not lacking in both LEC and LCS professionals, as both leagues have attempted to set up and broadcast in-house games to fans.

Just like the LEC, the LCS was just about to enter its eighth and penultimate week of play. This leaves only 20 games to before the end of the season. As the coronavirus crisis grows, esports fans will increasingly have to rely on online alternatives, in house scrims, and players streams to get their fix. 

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