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Lazio’s Luis Alberto rages at state of FIFA 20 servers and gameplay

Luis Alberto FIFA 20

Luis Alberto, the Spanish attacking midfielder currently plying his trade with Lazio, has become the most high profile player to speak out about the current state of EA Sport’s FIFA 20 – which has been beset by gameplay and technical problems since its launch. The former Liverpool FC man took to Twitter to let everyone know how he felt.

This roughly translates as “I think it’s time for you to improve the servers and the game… unfortunate conditions.” EA Sports has admitted to server issues in the past, going as far as to realise a “Pitch Notes” in December detailing their attempts to improve the system but players have reported little to no improvement with issues around responsiveness and erratic gameplay.

Of course, a professional footballer weighing into the state of the virtual game, one in which you can play as him got the memes out.

Ryan Pessoa, a FIFA 20 pro for Man City, suggested EA might get their revenge in an underhand manner.

Luis Alberto FIFA 20 bugs

And Kurt “Kurt04011” Fenech who has his own experience of getting removed from the game, took the opportunity to stick the boot in.

Now, this is all a bit of fun and while a professional footballer getting annoyed at the virtual game attracts the headlines it’s the regular joe’s, and professional players who look at FIFA as a career, that are really hurting.

Besides the server issues, there has been instances of cards being incorrectly awarded or not at all – affecting the game economy and giving some an unfair advantage.

Most recently the SBC Ben Yedder card was being incorrectly offered at a lower price, before being “fixed” leaving those halfway through the required challenges with no card and a lot of time wasted. Those who had already received the card were allowed to keep it.

Is Luis Alberto struggling to score in FIFA 20?

In real life, Luis Alberto is known for his defence-splitting passes and a penchant for scoring spectacular goals so when he refers to problems with the “game” it may be that he is having issues breaking down the opposition. The latest patch has made attacking even more difficult with the AI able to sit deep and make it near impossible to get through.

It’s an issue seen at the very highest levels of the game. The last FUT Champions Cup held in Atlanta was a snoozefest for viewers as the worlds best players sat back and defended narrow leads with many games going to penalties.

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Feature image courtesy of EA Sports.