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Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend Review: Homestands Have Hope

Kit Kat Rivalry Weekend

Overwatch League Season 2 is officially over as we descend into playoffs territory. As the final Homestand of the year wraps up, it’s essential to examine the event as a whole. After all, despite their match performance, The Valiant took us above and beyond the average Homestand experience:

Homestands Have Hope

This homestand was hosted by the L.A. Valiant, and their schedule going in was tight. They took on the L.A. Gladiators and San Francisco Shock, two top tier teams that are expected to dominate in the playoffs. In their match against the Gladiators, the Valiant came out guns blazing ready for anything that their rival threw at them, but as they slowly and painfully lost their grip on Volskaya, events became hard to watch. Kyle KSF Frandanisa on the side of the Valiant put in work and popped off, but after a while, Lane “Surefour” Roberts reached his final form.

Even in the Valiant’s matchup against the San Francisco Shock, they failed to win out matches despite gaining superior time banks on the first point. The L.A. Valiant won’t be playing in the playoffs this year, so they’ll have plenty of time to practice for the next season.

Homestand events are about more than just the matches. A majority of what makes these events special is what the teams provide to bring their flair. The Valiant’s Homestand was an experience that many won’t forget, one that featured trading cards, your traditional sponsor installments, and even a dunk tank for a few select losers. The event received praise from many on social media, and despite the tough loses, the Valiant stayed in high spirits.

The Beginning of the End

Playoffs are this weekend and the final 12 have been chosen to compete for the title of Season 2 Champion. On Friday, the Chengdu Hunters will go up against the Guangzhou Charge, while the Shanghai Dragons face off against the invigorated Philadelphia Fusion. The winners of these matches will then go on to face the London Spitfire and Seoul Dynasty in an attempt to climb the playoffs ladder. The 2-2-2 Role Lock has shaken up Overwatch and has fundamentally changed how the game is played. Overwatch League Season 2 playoffs are bound to be an event worth watching.

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