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Is Riot Games’ “Project A” the CS:GO killer?

Project A

Riot Games recently celebrated 10 years of League of Legends at their Riot Pls conference by announcing a raft of new games. Included were three games so new they have yet to be officially named; “Project F” – a diablo style RPG, “Project L” – A LoL fighting spin-off and “Project A” or “Project Ares”, a character-based tactical shooter – think Overwatch meets CS:GO.

Project A seems to be the furthest along in development. From the information released so far, it looks like Riot is gunning to create the pre-eminent competitive shooter and stake their claim on the FPS market. Their main competition is, of course, the previously mentioned Overwatch, CS:GO, plus the latest CoD:MW and the new kid on the block, Rainbow Six Siege. Each is a successful esport in its own right, but with the competitive FPS market fragmented, Riot sense an opportunity to unite these communities and create a game to match the dominance of League Of Legends.

They certainly have the pedigree with League of Legends – 10 years old and still arguably the most successful esport in the world. Over 205 million viewers tuned in for Worlds 2018, a figure that no other esports tournament has come close to.

The Alpha footage has sent the internet into a frenzy and the hype train has begun to roll. To be honest, we’re all jumping right on board! So here’s all the info released so far about Project A – and why we think it’ll be one of the biggest games of 2020.

Precise Gunplay

One of the most exciting parts of the gameplay reveal was seeing how the gunplay worked. The game features a range of “authentic” modern weaponry, with accurate hipfire reminiscent of CS:GO.

Guns have lethal stopping power, meaning time-to-kill will be low. Headshots also seem to be a one shot one kill! Just how we like it.

Unique classes

Players will play as classes or characters each with a unique ability. What is important to note though, is that abilities won’t directly deal damage. Instead, they’ll give your avatar the ability to boost-jump, run faster, or as we saw in the clip above, block sightlines with a futuristic smoke grenade.

Project A – the most competitive FPS ever?

A lot of the reveal was dedicated to Riot’s attempts to make this the most competitive FPS game ever seen. They want to reduce the peeker’s advantage by working to make lag/hit detection inaccuracies a thing of the past. It’s a bold statement, but one which a company like Riot Games can make without too many doubters.

The big orgs around the world have already taken notice, with Ben Spoont, the CEO of Misfits Gaming, already putting feelers out for any esport players ready to jump ship.

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