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Geek Fam win ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League

Geek Fam

One of the many great online tournaments wrapping up this weekend is the ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League, combining some of the best teams in the region. Although Fnatic were expected to take the win once again, in the end, it was Geek Fam who claimed victory.

Before Geek Fam had the chance to play in the Grand Final, the team had to make their way past none other than TNC Predator, arguably one of the best teams in SEA. Both ended up in the lower bracket after a serious mistake, so the match had an interesting setup.

Even though TNC were the favourites, it was Geek Fam who controlled both of the games in this series. They spent little effort in delivering a quick 2-0, awarding them a spot in the grand final against Fnatic.

The Final

Game one of this amazing series started strong for Geek Fam, who bought a really solid draft. Fnatic tried to force fights early on so that Marc Polo “Raven” Luis Fausto’s Naga couldn’t farm, but eventually the inevitable happened and the hero became too strong to deal with. As a result, GF claimed the first victory in the series.

The SEA powerhouse didn’t give up and played a very solid game two. After a few perfect team fights, Fnatic were able to secure the win and equalized the series. Unfortunately, this was the only victory they managed in the series.

Game three looked even for most of its duration, but eventually, Geek Fam delivered the final blow. With just one game away from securing the trophy, Raven and his teammates managed to outdraft their enemies in the last game yet again.

Picking an Anti-Mage allowed GF’s carry to farm as much as possible. Similar to game one, Fnatic tried to force some early fights but none were successful. In the end, the Geek Fam sealed the game, series and trophy.