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G2 Esports enter the rising Apex Legends scene

G2 Esports logo with Apex Legends

G2 Esports recently announced their entrance into the Apex Legends Pro scene. The organisation has acquired a Finnish roster after months scouting potential talent since the game’s launch.

The organisation entered Apex Legends with a streamer team in February, recruiting Craig “onscreen” Shannon and Josh “phantomACE”. Mark “phantasy” Pinney then joined the stream-squad in March, along with a two-man team to compete temporarily in the WES 1K invitational. From then until now, the organisation has been silent on Apex Legends, although they have certainly found the right people to represent their brand.

G2 Esports has now acquired Sebastian Mimu Vesala, Niko ZeroNothing Suominen, and Aaro rette Hälli. These three players have shared a close-knit experience so far in the Apex Legends professional scene. In June, the G2 Esports squad departed Conquer Gaming, a Finnish esports organisation that competed in Proving Grounds, European cups, and a Finnish tournament. Their tenure at Conquer Gaming ended in June as the three played on yesbutno, with Mimu and ZeroNothing standing in for Team Reciprocity.

G2 Esports’ announcement video

Mimu and ZeroNothing found success on the Team Reciprocity roster, where they stood in for X Games Minneapolis. They finished in second place, earning USD $24,000 and greatly raising their stock given the stand-in status.

rette has remained fairly quiet on the competitive front. He took first place in the Apex.Pro Europe tournament on yesbutno alongside Mimu and ZeroNothing in June, beating top tier teams like North and PENTA Sports and showing their potential to interested organisations.

This potential has done them wonders. G2 Esports is a world-class organisation and the players are clearly happy to be a part of the team:

“I have looked up to G2 for many years and being part of this great and successful organisation means a lot to me. I’m super excited to see what the future holds. We’ve been performing very well as a team and the goal will be to stay on top by practicing a lot as a team and individually.”

Aaro “rette” Hälli

With a good showing from each member over the summer, G2 Esports are looking strong. Their first appearance under the new banner will be at the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational in Krakow beginning 13th September 2019.

The team is currently in Berlin, the home of the G2 Esports headquarters. Here they will get to meet the G2 Esports staff and settle in to bootcamp in preparation for the Pre Season Invitational. This is a great opportunity and a sign of the organisation’s confidence in them.

G2 Esports’ Apex Legends squad travelling to Berlin for their bootcamp

Growth of the Apex Legends scene:

Apex Legends continues to be on the rise as we head towards one of the biggest tournaments for the game to date. ESPN and others have helped create a space for the title to flourish. However, Respawn and EA are looking to further the scene with their $500,000 USD tournament, matching large tournament payouts in CSGO, Rainbow 6 and more. The Apex Legends Pre Invitational could be the catalyst that kick-starts the esport scene that EA and Respawn planned on building from day 1.

The clear investment that multiple companies have made to the scene is clearly attractive for major esports teams. G2 Esports is the most recent to enter the fray, and they do so with a potential world-class roster. Last week, Gambit Esports acquired one of the best CIS teams available.

It appears there is a keen interest that continues to develop. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the Apex Legends esports scene and covering all the major tournaments – so make sure to follow Dart Frog on TwitterInstagram and Facebook for all the latest news and analysis.