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FUT Champions Cup 2 qualifiers leave pros raging – Agge quitting?

FUT Champions Cup 2 qualifiers

Professional FIFA 20 players were incensed at the end of a long weekend of qualifiers for the FUT Champions Cup 2 that left many feeling that EA is simply not capable of running a competitive esport event.

There was a myriad of problems, with players reporting issues with everything from being unable to connect to opponents, to an inability to properly report cheaters. Coupled with issues with the sluggish online gameplay, this was made even worse by the fact that qualifiers are played peer-to-peer and not on dedicated servers.

European PlayStation players had their own unique problems. With over 1000 players attempting to qualify, the system proved unfeasible with players finding themselves “playing” for 12 hours on Saturday. In this time, players will play 15-16 games for roughly 3.5 hours, with 8.5 hours spent waiting for the next qualifier. What makes this so ridiculous is that EA made attempts to reduce the schedule of competitive players this year with the FIFA 18 and 19 qualifying weekends featuring over 30 games.

Ivan ‘BorasLegend’ Lapanje of Futbolist had his own ideas of how to improve the game,

This comes off the back turbulent couple of months for EA Sports – there was the data leak at the start of the competitive season followed by the announcement of the tournament schedule which revealed that there would be fewer events, but with the same prize money – effectively reducing the opportunity for players to make a living.

If EA wants to avoid an all-out mutiny they could do worse than listening to dedicated pros like Boras.

Is August “Agge” Rosenmeir ready to hang up his controller?

FUT Champions Cup 2 Qualifiers

August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeir has announced his departure from North just days before he sat out the FUT Champions Cup 2 qualifiers. The two-time world champion is one of FIFA’s longest-serving players. But in recent years, while still qualifying for tournaments, he’s looked a level or two below the world’s best players.

And while his departure doesn’t seem directly related to the issues around FIFA 20, what is clear is that the enjoyment he gets from the game isn’t what it used to be. He says he will look at each qualifier on a case-by-case basis but it may be that we have already seen Agge’s last competitive tournament.

FUT Champions Cup 2 Qualifiers – Player Reactions

FIFA pros were up in arms last night and Twitter was ablaze, here are some of the reactions from the game’s biggest personalities.

Alan Avi of FC Dallas put FIFA’s connection problems into context – by loading up Call of Duty…

Sean “DragonFIFA” Allen highlighted the problem with the admins:

Before Futbolist wasted their time penning a clear concise breakdown of the problems.

Which we suspect EA will put straight into their “special filing cabinet” *insert David Brent gif.*

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