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Find out how these four LEC teams can still reach playoffs

Four teams vying for playoffs

We’ve arrived at the final week of the LEC Summer split 2019. With just a single weekend of games left, just two spots in the Summer Playoffs remain, with four teams are vying for them.

It’s truly anyone’s game, with even the most likely victors faced with a harsh set of odds to make it through. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at what each team has to do to make it into playoffs.


Origen is the most likely of the four teams to take a playoff spot. Both of their games pit them against other teams on this list. This puts them in a fairly precarious position, as of all the potential playoff teams, Origen will have the biggest target on their back. That said, the team is definitely the strongest of the four, and should be able to handle the likes of Rogue and SK Gaming. Even if they can’t, the team will get a second chance in tiebreakers, and should feel secure in their playoff spot.

Chance of success: Very High

Team Vitality

Like Origen, Vitality just has to hang on. A single win will give them enough distance from SK Gaming, and a second will secure their playoff spot. Their first game is against the worst team in the league, Misfits Gaming, and is almost a certain victory. Saturday’s match against FC Schalke 04 will be the real challenge, as Vitality have previously lost this matchup. Even if they lose both games, Vitality has the chance to secure a playoff spot by winning a set of tiebreakers.

Chance of success: High


With two paths to the playoffs, Rogue has the choice of either winning one game and hoping all the other teams lose, or stepping up and winning all their games. Of all the teams, Rogue is the one that has the most control over their destiny. That said, they are facing an Origen team that’s also fighting for survival, and Fnatic. The games are going to be incredibly difficult for Rogue this week, and even then, they could still be facing a set of tiebreakers. It’s going to be long day for a Rogue roster looking for a playoff spot in only their second split as an LEC team.

Chance of success: Average

SK Gaming

SK are the biggest longshot to make playoffs. Not only do they need to win both of their games this week, they have to see every other team lose theirs. Their match on Friday against Excel Esports is unlikely to give them much trouble, but Saturday’s game versus Origen will likely be an absolute war, with both teams desperate for that playoff spot. Even after this, the team will find itself in a tiebreaker situation where it will have to defeat at least two of the above teams to reach the playoffs.

Chance of success: Low

You can catch the final week of the LEC Summer on Twitch.tv from 17:00 BST.

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