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Florida Mutineers win CDL Minnesota Home Series

Florida Mutineers won their second event in one of the most intense CDL events of the year.

The Mutineers did not have an easy run on their way to victory. After beating favourites Chicago Huntsmen in their first match, Florida also took down LA Guerillas, Dallas Empire and finally Atlanta FaZe.

CDL Minnesota was a Call of Duty fans’ dream. Eight matches went the distance to a fifth map with three of them being reverse sweeps.

Here is a glance at Florida Mutineers’ path to victory and some of the crazy series that took place:

Grand final recap – Atlanta FaZe vs Florida Mutineers

The path to the grand final was anything but a walk in the park for Atlanta FaZe. Their three series leading up to the final all ended 3-2 as they looked shaky in each one.

Florida, on the other hand, were on a mission and looked as strong as ever heading into the grand final. Many were expecting a close game but the Mutineers had other ideas.

Map one ended in total destruction as Florida took the Hardpoint 250-146. Each player had a pivotal role as their perfect team performance shocked the young guns on FaZe.

However, it was not all plain sailing for the Mutineers as Atlanta bounced back in the Search and Destroy. Their 6-1 victory added some life back to the series and it was all to play for.

Map three ended much like the first as Florida took the Domination 177-132. Atlanta showed shaky signs that had been evident all weekend and they did not look their usual dominant selves.

Florida won a tightly-contested Hardpoint 250-231 and took home the CDL Minnesota trophy. The squad have now cemented themselves as one of the best in the game as they become the fourth team to win multiple events this year.

Current CDL standings

After their impressive win and 50 CDL points, Florida jump to fourth place in the standings. Atlanta FaZe remain top dogs with 200 points and an event-in-hand over Chicago in second place.

The Call of Duty League returns this weekend with the Paris Legion Home Series. Tune in on June 19 to see if Florida can make it back-to-back wins.

What did you make of the Mutineers’ performance?

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