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Florida Mutineers win CDL Dallas – Pros unhappy with online servers

The Mutineers were the CDL Dallas champions after a weekend of entertaining online matches. Despite the widespread excitement of the CDL’s return, many professionals were disappointed with how the event ran.

CDL Dallas highlights

The CDL returned in the form of an online event on the weekend of April 10th. All matches were played online but remained in the same format as if it were an actual event.

Florida Mutineers won the event in impressive fashion after falling into the losers bracket early on. The squad then went on an unbeaten run, strangely winning 3-1 in every series. They remarkably defeated the favourites, Chicago Huntsmen, in the semi-final and of course Minnesota Rokkr in the grand final.

After just falling short in CDL Atlanta earlier in the year, the Mutineers bounced back and found their first win of the season.

There were many other notable moments over the weekend. From the crazy match between Seattle and Minnesota to insane individual plays, the first CDL online event certainly did not fail to provide us with some top notch Call of Duty.

CDL Dallas final placements

  • 1st – Florida Mutineers ($50,000, 50 CDL points)
  • 2nd – Minnesota Rokkr ($30,000, 30 CDL points)
  • 3rd/4th – Dallas Empire ($10,000, 20 CDL points)
  • 3rd/4th – Chicago Huntsmen ($10,000, 20 CDL points)
  • 5/6th – Paris Legion (10 CDL points)
  • 5/6th – Toronto Ultra (10 CDL points)
  • 7/8th – Seattle Surge
  • 7/8th – LA Guerillas

Pro players “did not enjoy” the event

As the CDL Dallas Home Series was the first online event of the year, there were always going to be some issues. Some players took to social media after the CDL Dallas online event to voice their criticism.

Dallas Empire player Crimsix vented his frustration at the poor servers that the teams had to play on. The former world champion highlighted on his Twitch stream that there were lag-spikes which costed them maps. He then took to Twitter where he laid his opinion and admitted he “did not enjoy competing” and branding the situation “stupid”.

Crimsix was not the only pro to raise concerns over the online issues. OpTic Gaming LA player JKap also gave his opinion on Twitter. The veteran felt that the state of the servers were “unacceptable” and “something has to change” before the next events.

The next online event will take place on April 24th with Chicago Huntsmen as hosts. It will be interesting to see if changes will be put in place before the next event in only two weeks time.

Were you impressed with the Florida Mutineers this weekend?

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