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Final four teams qualify for the Six Major Raleigh playoffs

Rainbow Six Siege Raleigh Major

The third day of the Six Major Raleigh has concluded and we now know who will be in the playoffs beginning Friday 16th August. In one of the most surprising results, North America took serious blows as both Rogue, DarkZero and Evil Geniuses lost in their decider matches. TSM was the only successful NA team to win their deciders, as they took down MIBR. This means that FaZe Clan, TSM, Team Secret and Vodafone Giants advanced to the playoffs.


Team Solomid vs MIBR was a very exciting game, especially with MIBR’s Jaime “cyb3r” Ramos and TSM’s Owen “Pojoman” Mitura trash-talking in all chat. The game was close at first, but TSM dominated Villa and sent the MIBR squad packing. TSM won bank 7-5, with Villa going in their favour 7-3. This was quite an achievement as the match was the last series to play out on day 3, having already seen Evil Geniuses and Rogue sent home.

B1ologic’s hilarious drop-kill on Villa

Team Secret and Rogue should have been much closer given their results on day one. In their original group stage battle, Team Secret and Rogue went to three maps. Only this time, Team Secret won on the first two maps. The game itself was well fought between both teams, but Team Secret got the upper hand. Team Secret improved well on Bank, especially considering their defeats on the map to Rogue and G2 Esports on day one and two.  The closest map on this series was Secret’s map pick on Consulate. This went to overtime, where Team Secret won 8-6. The Challenger League squad thus advances to the quarterfinals.

Europe’s contenders are smashing the competition

Vodafone Giants vs Evil Geniuses was a greatly anticipated match. Nobody expected the Giants to take down EG so easily. Vodafone Giants absolutely crushed the prestigious North American organisation, with a 7-2 win on Villa and a 7-3 win on Kafe. This loss will have shook NA and the EG roster to the core. We’ll be watching Evil Geniuses closely for the remainder of the season, interested to see how this affects their future.

Alphama rips through the EG squad on Kafe

Finally, FaZe Clan finally showed what they were capable of as they took down NA’s #1 seed, Dark Zero. FaZe Clan and Dark Zero had a really close series, with FaZe marginally coming out on top. Both Border and Coastline were won by FaZe Clan 7-5, with both teams having their moments. This gave the LATAM America some hope for a trophy run as FaZe Clan are now the only LATAM team remaining in the tournament.

FaZe letting out their emotions after a nailbiting series


The brackets for the playoffs have been drawn and with it, we know how the remainder of the tournament will play out.

forZe vs Vodafone Giants

G2 Esports vs TSM

Spacestation Gaming vs TSM

Team Empire vs FaZe Clan

Check back tomorrow as we highlight the key parts of the tournament moving forward.

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