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FIFA 20 data leak marrs Global Series announcement

FIFA 20 Kurt Fenech Banned

EA Sports announcement of FIFA 20’s competitive season was overshadowed by an apparent data leak. Competitors were shocked to discover the details of fellow players auto-filled into their forms when registering for the FIFA 20 Global Series – the pre-eminent FIFA competition in the world.

Pros and personalities in the FIFA scene have taken to Twitter to complain that their accounts have been compromised with many already falling victim of unauthorized logins – including AS Roma’s Nathan “Zelonius” Horton.

Dartfrog can confirm the severity of the data leak, having seen one screenshot featuring the details, including date of birth, email address and Sony ID, of the 2014 FIFA World Championship winner, Agge Rosenmeier.

Apologies for this looking like a President Trump phone transcript but the only information we can legally show you is Agge Rosenmeier’s EA account name as this is public knowledge. Rest assured this is a major breach of the European Union’s GDPR laws and could land EA in some seriously hot water.

Outspoken FIFA pro Kurt Fenech certainly let everyone know how he felt about the situation.

FIFA 20 data leak – What next?

With the successful launch of FIFA 20, many players are saying the game is the best it has been in years. EA Sports will have looked to the launch of the FIFA 20 competitive as an opportunity to cement FIFA as one of the pre-eminent esports in the world, but with this announcement today they have proved only that they have much work to do.

EA has yet to comment, but check back with Dartfrog on TwitterInstagram and Facebook for all the latest news and reactions as the story unfolds.