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Dota Plus adds core features from the Battle Pass

DOTA Plus Feature

Unfortunately, everything good eventually comes to an end. This years’ Battle Pass was undeniably one of the best ever in terms of rewards. After all, we managed to receive one of the coolest voice lines and sprays to date. Now, Valve have announced that they’ll be adding some of the most loved features to their Dota Plus service, so those who are subscribed will continue to enjoy some of the benefits from the Battle Pass.

What is Dota Plus?

In case you have no idea, Dota Plus is a special paid subscription available in Dota 2. Through a monthly payment, you will receive various bonuses, such as cosmetics. However, probably the strongest feature is the ‘Dota Plus Assistant’, which provides info on what heroes to draft, as well as a range of statistics. In fact, many people criticized Valve upon it’s announcement as they saw it as “pay-to-win”. While this may be true up to a point, it certainly isn’t anywhere near outright ‘cheating’ for an advantage. After all, every experienced player already knows how to counter specific heroes.

Apart from the features mentioned above, Dota Plus also allows players to take part in the weekend ‘Battle Cups’, which is probably one of it’s most popular aspects. Speaking of popular features, the community absolutely loved the “Avoid a certain player” option from the Batte Pass. It’s highly likely we’ll see this feature in Dota Plus once it’s updated. After all, Dota’s community is known for its toxicity, so having a method to at least ‘contain’ this to some degree is definitely a huge plus.

Dota Plus will always be the apple of discord in Dota 2. The sheer fact that you can pay a certain amount of money in order to have a batter understanding of the game simply does not comply with the Dota 2’s free-to-play philosophy, one that was so heavily marketed upon release. After all, there was even a movie made in this regard:

We are yet to see which core features will be added to Dota Plus, but according to Valve, this should happen within a few weeks. We might see them alongside the new ‘Outlanders’ update – where in case you’ve forgotten, we’ll also be playing two new heroes – Snapfire and Void Spirit.

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