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Dota 2 Weekly Recap – New patch & roster changes


This week was a little different than what we’ve been used to for the last couple of months, as there weren’t any big live events scheduled. Instead, we saw some interesting roster changes in preparation for the upcoming DPC tournaments. As you know, the StarLadder ImvaTV Minor begins in just a couple of days from now.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting things that happened this week in the world of Dota 2.

KheZu and Skiter became a part of Fighting PandaS

One of the biggest controversies last week was EE and Sneyking’s decision to leave Fighting PandaS just days before the start of the third DPC Minor. Even though many thought that MoonMeander and co. wouldn’t be able to find decent players that fast, they proved them wrong, with the announcement of two new players recently – KheZu and Skiter. Both have proven themselves countless times, so they should be able to fill in the gap left by EE and Sneyking. Of course, we are yet to see if that will happen in time for the upcoming Minor.

QQQ joins Team Aster

There are not that many coaches in Dota 2 as famous as Yao “QQQ” Yi. He is often considered one of the best coaches in the history of the game, playing a vital part in PSG.LGD’s success throughout the years. However, he’s been away from the Dota 2 scene after he deciding to take a break after TI 9 ended.

Everyone thought that he would return to LGD once he decided to come back. Nevertheless, that didn’t happen because QQQ joined another Chinese squad – Team Aster. We can only hope that this will be enough to bring this team back to life. Despite a strong roster, Team Aster still can’t show their prowess, and are struggling to keep up with the other top teams from China.

Valve releases patch 7.24b

As expected, Valve decided to release a new patch just before the start of the next set of DPC tournaments. Despite the fact that there are no major changes, patch 7.24b brings important nerfs to some of the most popular heroes. As a result, Snapfire, Timbersaw, Lifestealer, as well as many others are not as strong as they used to be.

However, we are yet to see if this will have any impact on the pro scene. It’s certainly had an effect on pub games, where all nerfed heroes have seen a drop in their win percentage.

gpk is back with Gambit Esports

You might remember that one of the best core players in CIS “did an oopsie” around a week go. For whatever reason, gpk decided no to go to bootcamp with his team, Gambit Esports. As a result, the CIS organization quickly took action and removed the young player from its roster.

However, just a few days later, Gambit announced that gpk is back. He will try to help his team in the upcoming StarLadder ImbaTV Minor. Expect more information about this tournament soon. In the meantime, follow DartFrog on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and Twitch for the latest Dota 2 news.

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