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Dota 2 Weekly Recap – Midas Mode 2.0, roster changes & more

Sumail Dota 2

This week was packed with happenings in the Dota 2 universe. Slowly but steadily, the teams are finalizing their rosters and are starting to prepare for the upcoming 2019-2020 Dota Pro Circuit. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from this week.


Midas Mode 2.0 has begun!

It’s really hard to explain what Midas Mode 2.0 is as an event. To make a long story short, let’s just call it a fun tournament that involves some of the most legendary Dota 2 players of all time. Despite the fact that it’s not a DPC event, this tournament still as a $150,000,00 prize pool. However, that’s definitely not the most interesting thing about it.

Every single day, the viewers have the chance to choose the “bounties”. They are basically different challenges that the teams need to complete while playing. If they succeed, they will earn “moonbucks”, which are needed for every single action in the game, including picking and/or banning heroes.

Midas Mode 2.0 ends this Wednesday, so be sure to follow us for more info.

HellRaisers are back in Dota 2

Even though HellRaisers has never been the best team in CIS, they were still a very respectable foe. However, after a serious of unsuccessful results, the organization gave up on their Dota 2 squad.

Of course, this only lasted a couple of months – because, as of this Wednesday, the team is back on track. What’s more, they even added one of the most legendary players in CIS – Ilya “ALOHADANCE” Korobkin. Many people might know him only through his streaming career, but Ilya is a very robust professional player as well.


Alliance gave up on their Dota 2 roster

This was probably the most shocking news this week. Literally no one expected this to happen, especially after all the team managed to accomplish in the last couple of months. In case you forgot, the (now old) roster of Alliance started as a definite tier two team and managed to go all the way to the top. They even managed to secure a spot at TI 9, the biggest event in esports history.

The reason for this decision is still unknown. That said, the ex-Alliance roster will stay together, which means that we will seem them in action again.

Dota Plus Autumn Update

Unfortunately, this was not the update we needed. Many people expected the two new heroes that were announced during TI 9 to be out, but sadly we’ll have to wait. That said, those of you who are Dota Plus subscribers will like the new perks.


Quincy Crew – a new Dota 2 team

This years’ post-TI 9 shuffle has been absolutely insane. Quincy Crew is the newest professional Dota 2 team, combining some of the best players in the world under one banner.

It was first “revealed” this Friday but the last two members got announced on Saturday. By the looks of it, the new squad will definitely be a huge challenge for the other teams. Needless to say, Avery “SVG” Silverman, Arif “MSS” Anwar, Quinn “CCnC” Callahan, Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan and Yawar “YawaR” Hassan are definitely a lineup you don’t want to mess with.

Resolut1on joins Virtus.Pro; RojeR leaves

Despite the fact that Virtus.Pro was one of the best team last DPC season, their TI 9 performance was not the best. That’s why the team went through a really massive roster change lately. It all started with Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev and Pavel “9pasha” Khvastunov leaving the team in favor of EG and Na’Vi.

However, it seems like VP has no intention of giving up. That’s why just a couple of days later, they announced the addition of Roman “Resolut1ion” Fominok to their team, one of the strongest CIS players of all time. Unfortunately, the last couple of years have not really been the best for him. Hopefully, this will change in the 2019-2020 DPC.

For better or worse, Roman’s arrival was accompanied by Vladimir “RodjeR” Nikogosyan’s “bench and up for transfer”. However, there is still no info where will he continue his professional career.

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