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Dota 2 Compendium Predictions – Players

DOTA 2 International

Similar to previous years, players have the opportunity to place their predictions in the TI Compendium. Depending on how many they guess correctly, they will be able to earn a bunch of bonus levels. However, predicting the winning option is definitely easier said than done.

There are many resources out there to guide you while you pick. Some are accurate in most cases (those from Nahaz are a perfect example). Of course, there are also many who choose at random, hoping to win something for nothing.

The truth is, that despite the sources you’re looking at, there’s a high chance your prediction will be wrong. Every individual tournament has its own slightly different meta, and it’s own standout stars within that meta. That’s why it’s important to think carefully before you decide. Or, let us do the analysis for you, sit back and (hopefully) reap the rewards!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our top picks:

The player with the highest average kills


There are many players who will compete for this spot. However, if we take a look at the previous years, Miracle- is one of the players who really stood out. Apart from playing a core role, he is also one of the most gifted players in terms of mechanical skill. It’s very likely that he will shine yet again.

Another possible name is Nisha, mainly because Team Secret is the strongest looking team right now. That said, Miracle- definitely seems to be the better option overall.

The player with the most kills in a game

Usually in order to get a large number of kills, you need to play in a long game. Of course, this is not always the case but still, this is the rule. Our pick here goes to the current TI champion’s carry – ana. One of the main reasons behind this choice is the fact that OG often turtles games, resulting in some very drawn out matches, and since ana loves to play very high-kill potential heroes, he is definitely our top choice.

The player with the lowest average deaths

This is one of the hardest predictions to make. However, our choice will go to either Ame or Maybe from PSG.LGD. The team are known to be very ‘stable’, often skirting any unnecessary risks. There are of course other great choices in this category, just don’t opt for a VP player as they are notorious for giving up a cheap death or two.

The player with the highest average assists

This one definitely goes to TNC”s support player TIMS as he holds the highest kill participation during the last event. Solo from VP is also a possible choice here, but it seems like the SEA powerhouse is a somewhat safer pick.

The player with the most assists in a game

Jerax Team Liquid

Either Jerax or GH seem to be solid picks here. After all, they are renowned as two of the best Earth Spirit players in the world.

The player with the highest average last hits


This spot is going to be one of the most contested. There are definitely many players who deserve it. However, our pick goes to either Ame or Arteezy, as they love to play the hard-carries that tend to accumulate an enormous amount of farm throughout the game.

The player with the most last hits in a game

Again, similar to the previous section – Arteezy or Ame. Both play Anti-Mage and Naga, so the decision between them is very close. However, PSG.LGD is a little bit stronger right now, so Ame might have a few more chances to land the most last hits compared to his rival.

The player with the most GPM and the highest average


Of course, this section is going to be occupied by an accomplished Alchemist player. The first that comes to mind is No[o]ne. Need I say more?

In terms of the highest average GPM, w33eha seems like the way to go. The Romanian prodigy tends to play plenty of Meepo and Invoker, which makes him a great pick for the category.

The player that plays the most different heroes

Kuroky, Zai, Puppey and many more have what it takes. In fact, this is probably the hardest choice on the list. However, we suggest you picking someone from one of the more dominant teams. After all, the more games a team plays, the greater the opportunities to pick different heroes.

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