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Censor to make another return to competitive Call of Duty

Censor returns to CoD

Ex-Call of Duty pro, Doug “Censor” Martin, reveals plans to compete in the upcoming 2020 Call of Duty league. The former champion aims to represent a franchise and build it into “global powerhouse”.

FaZe Censor – “Returning to competitive Call of Duty”

Early playing career

Censor began his professional CoD career in 2011 on the Black Ops title. He picked up his first championship under the Quantic Nex-TT-hreat organisation and went on to play with some big names in competitive CoD. After joining FaZe Clan’s competitive roster in 2014, Censor’s career was catapulted to stardom as he began to gain a huge following on YouTube and in the gaming community – Doug continues to represent FaZe Clan, using the name “FaZe Censor” on his YouTube channel which now has over 2.6 million subscribers.

Arguably Censor’s biggest achievement in CoD esports was winning MLG Columbus 2014 with teammates “Aches”, “Apathy” and “Slasher”. However, Doug’s CoD career took a turn for the worst after the Advanced Warfare season as he was surprisingly dropped from FaZe Clan’s roster.

Winning moments at MLG Columbus 2014

Since then, Censor has dipped in and out of the competitive scene without making a huge impact. After taking breaks to focus on YouTube and his personal life, Censor has confirmed his intentions to return to competing full-time.

Plans for the 2020 season

Doug “Censor” Martin is partial to the occasional bold statement. Whilst many people mock his optimism, others admire his drive and passion for Call of Duty esports.

It seems he isn’t messing around this time as he outlines his plans to represent a franchise:

Censor reveals his plans for next season

Censor’s popularity may prove to be a valuable asset for a franchise in financial terms. However, the question is whether or not he can prove himself on the sticks. After the departure of household names from CoD esports such as OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan, big name players like Censor may prove useful in gaining more interest in the scene going forward.

So far, nine franchise locations have been revealed with more expected to be announced. Here is a list of the current locations and their owners:

  • Atlanta (Atlanta Esports)
  • Dallas (Team Envy)
  • New York (Sterling VC)
  • Paris (c0ntact Gaming)
  • Toronto (Overactive Media)
  • Los Angeles (Immortals)
  • Minnesota (WISE Ventures)
  • Florida (Misfits)
  • Los Angeles (Kroenke S&E)

Doug has made it known that he has had successful talks with various franchises already. He recently reached out on Twitter to all other franchises to discuss possible opportunities for the 2020 season.

Censor explores opportunities for the 2020 season

With rostermania commencing on September 3rd, it will soon be known if Doug “Censor” Martin and his sleeveless jersey will make a return to the professional scene.

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