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FNCS: Aqua wins back-to-back majors as MMB rage at mechs

Fortnite Mech

Fortnite World Cup Duos winner – COOLER Aqua showed once again why he’s one of the worlds best. Alongside Tschinken and Stompy of Eleven Gaming he won the European Grand Finals of the Fortnite Champion Series. In Sunday’s Grand Final they beat out 32 other trios to finish in 1st, with 2 Victory Royales in a six-game series – taking home a tidy $480,000 USD.

After a slow start, Game 3 was the turning point. They jumped off the bus with just 2 points, but after 11 kills and a Victory Royale they moved up to 6th place with 28 points. The momentum was with them and Game 4 took it up a gear, with Aqua in particular impressing. They didn’t take the win but this late clutch by Aqua sent them flying into 2nd on the leaderboard.

A win in Game 6 with 10 kills put daylight between the 2nd place trio of RBK Ritz, MSSF Endretta and Pate1k.

The Fortnite Champion Series Finals was the culmination of 5 weeks of qualifiers. Players were split by region with the majority of the prize money going to the European and North American regions.

This was the first tournament to feature the new Middle East region. Oceania, Asia and the Middle East had fewer heats and wrapped up their tournaments on Saturday with each region winner taking home $60,000. The results of all the regions are posted below.

What Happened To MMB?

Europe’s result was a surprise to many as the trio of Mongraal, Mitr0 and Benjyfishy (MMB) were the favourites going into the weekend. They started strong, heading into game 3 in 1st place on 35 points. But disaster struck and it was the universally hated B.R.U.T.E that were the architects.

Game 3 saw them attacked off spawn by one which eliminated Benjyfishy with Mitr0 and Mongraal being killed not long after. Game 4 was almost a carbon copy, this time they spotted the B.R.U.T.E early and focused their attention it – but it was being used as a decoy and they were flanked and taken out one by one.

They couldn’t find a way back and they ultimately finished the weekend in 10th with Mongraal taking to Twitter to let it be known how disappointed he was with Epic’s decision to keep the Mech’s in the competitive game.

To call this griefing isn’t fair on the other trio, but this vehicle should have never made it past the testing stages. It was a sad way to see arguably the best trio in the world taken out the game.

FNCS – NA East Results

FNCS – NA West Results

FNCS – Brazil Results

FNCS – Asia Results

FNCS Fortnite Champion Series Asia Results

A dominant showing from the Japanese trio with the highest points total across all regions.

FNCS – Oceania Results

FNCS Middle East Results

Shock result here many expected the trio of x2Twins Jordan, Jessie and volx to take the win but a poor showing in the final had them finishing in 17th place.

FNCS – Middle East

Fortnite Champion Series Middle East Results

The Power trio blew the competition out the water, 37 points ahead of 2nd place – with many feeling they could go toe-to-toe with the stronger regions.