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Dota 2’s Anti-Mage Persona is here!

Anti-Mage Persona

After QoP’s arcana, it’s now time to take a look at the newest item available. Announced early on, Anti-Mage was to receive a persona, a special item first released last year for Invoker.

We had to wait a bit, but it is finally here. Everyone who reached level 305 can now unlock a unique model for Anti-Mage. Instead of changing just a few cosmetics, this item actually unlocks a female version of the hero.

Anti-Mage’s new persona is called Wei and includes many new animations, exclusive voice lines, a new portrait and a minimap icon. There are no new ambient effects however, which is worth pointing out.

This persona is one of the many items that you can get from this TI 10 Battle Pass. Alongside it, players can also receive three Arcanas, many other immortals and plenty of other great rewards.

Don’t forget that we are still waiting to see Pudge’s item, called “Toy Butcher”. You’ll be able to unlock it once you reach level 255. We are yet to see what it looks like, although we have seen a small preview.

In the meantime, make sure you take advantage of the rewards while you still can. Don’t forget, the Battle Pass will be available until September, so you have two months remaining to achieve the level you desire.

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