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All the teams going to the Summit 11

Dota 2 Summit

After the qualifiers for MDL Chengdu came to an end, those who were unable to get there had to determine which one of them will be travelling to LA, California in order to play in the first Minor of this DPC season. Unlike the previous series, these only lasted two days.

Let’s take a look at what happened.

North America

As expected, Quincy Crew had absolutely no trouble here and managed to get the single spot for the Minor. Despite that, they are probably not that happy with their achievement because they missed out on the Major. Sure, this team is new and still has to practice a lot. However, having TI champions in your roster adds a lot of “weight”, which is why they can’t be satisfied with anything but the best.

South America

Even though they were unable to go to MDL Chengdu, paiN Gaming secured their slot for the first Minor. However, this did not happen effortlessly. Instead, they had to give it all against the Brazilian team NoPing e-sports. In the end, they delivered the knock-out punch and secured a ticket to LA.


Europe had two slots for this Minor, unlike some of the other regions. As expected, the first one was occupied by Ninjas in Pyjamas. Peter “ppd” Dager’s newest project seems very promising on paper. However, they were unable to deal with Alliance and Team Liquid, which resulted in them missing out on the first Major. Luckily, they had absolutely no trouble nailing the slot for this Minor.

The second EU team going to LA is Ad Finem. The Greek powerhouse played against Team Singularity in the final for over five hours. In the end, they were able to outmaneuver their enemy and nabbed second place.


The two teams going to the Summit 11 are Virtus.Pro and HellRaisers.

Unfortunately, VP kind of “slept” during the Major qualifiers and was unable to secure a spot there. However, they looked absolutely spot-on in the series for this Minor.

Nearly the same applies to HellRaisers as well. The newly-formed CIS squad absolutely ripped through the competition this time around and we can’t wait to see them in action in just a couple of weeks.


After absolutely epic qualifiers, the team from China in this Minor is going to be Invictus Gaming. The interesting thing is that this is their first DPC event for some time. Ever since they won TI 2, the team had countless roster changes but none of them was successful, until now. Hopefully, we will see more of them soon.


The final team to fill in the gap in the Summit 11 is Geek Fam. This was definitely expected because the newly formed SEA powerhouse has some of the best players from the region. However, they will need to practice a little more in order to get into the second Major.

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